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Shaped by Nature… The Pebbles Collection

Caesarstone’s new Pebbles Collection captures the tactile memories of the earth’s movement through the humble pebble that ceaselessly is shaped by the force of wind and the flow of water. Crafted to perfection, this new collection features a dynamic palette of warm, subtle and grey hues. And to celebrate nature’s never-ending transformation, Caesarstone has put this collection together to add to the home.

The design comes from Head of Design Mor Krisher, who always begins the design process of any Caesarstone surface by first considering the world outside our windows. In this collection they turn to the humble pebble, recognising the history behind each one to create a suite of designs that feature calming and soothing styles.

Let’s take a look at these Caesarstone’s Quartz in more detail.

Riverlet 1001 – A handful of nature

A gentle off-white touched by honied-amber capillaries that flow softly across the surface, with a Honed finish for a tinge of freshness that reflects more light in the kitchen. Laced with softer hues this stone will breathe new life into your entire space.

The shade lends itself to lighter palettes such as pastels and muted colours to make any room feel fresh and airy. It also pairs well with walnut browns and sage greens, ideal for the modern kitchen design. Combine this quartz worktop with hardware or brushed steel, and a serene and peaceful look will be created.

Stoneburst 1004 – The entire ocean is affected by a pebble

Two shades of sage grey with soft mineral undertones and subtle grey veining, in a Honed finish that complements this calm complexion.

The texture that is found within this stone is enriched by calming grey markings. A versatile colour working well with white tiles and blonde woods. Its greenish notes help complete a casual interior, and when layered with other lighter shades, the monochromatic palette becomes soothing, creating a flawless space to cook and socialise.

Wyndigo 1002 – Connect with nature

Warm earthy gradients wash over a soft greige surface veined with foamy-greys, capturing a pebble’s two-toned mottled patina that is accentuated by a Honed finish for an authentic presence.

Like a pebble that has been exposed to wind and rain, this stone’s distinctive look beautifully captures nature’s earthy gradients. This adaptable shade will work with you and your style to present a clean slate that will mould to your space creating the ultimate dream kitchen. Whether you opt for brushed brass to add a slightly industrial edge, or linen upholstery to give a softer touch.

Agger Grey 1006 – Slowly smoothed over time and water

A rich two-toned base of warm smokey greys, with delicate clay undertones and white veins that create a two-toned surface, in a Polished finish that adds depth.

The grey smoky base with clay undertones makes it a welcoming contemporary choice for any home. Its supreme finish and fine white veins faintly dissolve into a rich layered base that gives a satin surface with a real sense of depth and organic essence. Pair seamlessly with a whole range of styles to match your personality.

Raindream 1003 – The everlasting path of the pebble

Two layers of slate greys are accentuated by soft dark-grey strokes contoured in neutral highlights, with a Polished finish that makes the surface look like a wet river stone. The grey tones add extra depth that will look ideal with a concrete or slate floor.

Introduce woodgrain into the space, where the colour will be embraced from shades such as ash and walnut.


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