Cambria’s Unique, Versatile and Elegantly Sophisticated New Designs1 min read

Cambria introduces four new groundbreaking designs that feature subtle greens, surprising teals, and high-contrast black and white in Feb 2021. Each one of them deftly balances warm and cool tones, making them uniquely versatile and elegantly sophisticated.

The products from Cambria are made of the finest quartz – easy to maintain, nonabsorbent and distinctively durable. Cambria is an American company, family-owned and their main focus is the customers they serve.

Let’s have a look at these four new designs from Cambria Quartz in more detail and how they will look within your kitchen design and other areas of the home.


Ivybridge from Cambria features dark teal diagonal veins on an arctic white expanse creating a powerful sense of depth while delicate gold shimmer adds a playful effervescent quality.


Kendal from Cambria consists of fine black crackling veins traversing on a field of subtle, soft teal and swirling white patterns. The radiant opalescent crystals suggest surprising depth within the greater feeling of smoothness.


Ruxley from Cambria features subtle emerald green veining on a warmer white background bringing out the best in a variety of décors. The cooler white veins deftly add balance.


Blackbrook from Cambria is a smooth black background with white lightning strikes that dramatize the stone. Stark and chic, this high-contrast design is powerfully modern and elegantly simple.

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