How can I prepare my home for a worktop installation?3 min read

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Whether you have an existing kitchen or an exciting new installation, you may be wondering how you can help to prepare your home ready for your brand new worktops. Take a moment to read our comprehensive guide to lead you on your way to a smooth, hassle-free installation process. Our tips will ensure high quality results in your kitchen with built-to-last worktops.

Template guidelines

Like anything that’s tailor made, you want it done right. This is why an expert will visit your home before installation to measure the precise area of your units. Our highly trained staff will refer back to these detailed templates when cutting the materials in the workshop prior to the planned installation day. Template guidelines are an important part of the process as a good plan will ensure a reliable and trouble free fit, first time. The template will include the shape of your kitchen and the desired location of your sink and hob, so you can be sure that the new surface accommodates these future fittings.  

*Have a word with your fitter to find out whether you will need extra support for your units. This is important if you’re having a particularly heavy worktop installed. You may want to ask about your gas/electric/plumbing and whether any outstanding work should be completed before your tops are fitted.*

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Things you can do before installation:


  • For a brand new or existing kitchen, check that the base units are level with a spirit level. This will ensure that your new worktops are also straight – a sloping surface can be easily avoided.


  • For an existing kitchen, remove your existing worktop, and ensure that the units are straight and level ready for templating and their new surface.


  • The sink should be placed in the desired location so the professionals have a clear  idea of the fittings and measurements that need to be added to the template. The same goes for the taps, but neither should be properly fitted or plumbed just yet. This should be done after the worktop is installed to ensure a perfect fit and avoid any complications.


  • Go over the template with the templater to ensure that they have picked up your wishes and has discussed the fine detail with you. The template is the basis of the new tops and it is important that it relays the correct information back to the workshop.


  • Mark where you want the backsplash placed on the wall – this will be fitted before the extractor to obtain the perfect fit.


  • Clear your hallway and kitchen for easy access to prevent common accidents. Freeing up space in both areas will give your fitter ample room to get the job done.

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  • If cupboards are being used, empty them below the worktops as the fitter will need to get under the cupboards too – you will want to remove pots, pans and all other kitchen equipment.


  • Remove the doors of kitchen furniture such as cupboards or drawers. This will prevent any accidental damage and keep your kitchen perfect.


  • If you have wooden floors you may want to cover them with a non-slip material. Stone worktops are understandably heavy so a high friction surface will ensure fitters are grounded when transporting your new top. They have the added bonus of protecting your floor in the event of tools being dropped. The fitter will also protect floors and other adjacent surfaces to ensure that no damage occurs.


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