Care Tips and Advice: Granite Worktops3 min read

cleaning granite worktops

Granite worktops are the best investment and upgrade you can introduce to your kitchen. With this in mind it is important you take care of your kitchen’s tops, as they’re used every single day and although stone requires very little maintenance, this advice can keep them looking brand new for many years to come. Cawdor Stone Gallery are here to give you care tips and advice on granite worktop cleaning. Following these tips is not a must, as you may have previously read in last month’s article, stone is simply an easy to use, wipe clean worktop. However if you wish to do more, there are some care tips you can follow to spruce up the kitchen ready for a particular, special event.

Our top tips for cleaning granite:

  • Apply granite sealer to your worktops; apply to a dry surface and buff with a cloth. This will intensify the shine and protect it. Using anti-bacterial sprays can’t be avoided, especially in a kitchen, so it’s not unusual to have to spend a couple of minutes every once in awhile to buff the worktops with sealer; this will get back that extra sparkle. You may not see any effects of these cleaning sprays but over time the shine may become slightly duller than before. This is why it’s good to take a moment for a little TLC
  • Give your tops a quick wipe with soap and water after cooking to keep that shine even when you’re ready to serve dinner.
  • When cutting meat, it’s good practice to keep it on a chopping board. Avoid food contamination and any buildup of bacteria that might be lingering.
  • Use heat trivets when taking your pots and pans on and off the hob. This will make your life easier and save you the job of wiping down the surface.
  • It may sound odd, but take off any diamond rings when you’re cooking on your worktops. Although granite is strong, diamonds are stronger and if they collide, the diamond could damage your precious tops.
  • Avoid those annoying rings that mugs and cups leave on your tops, wipe down the sides and the bottom and you won’t have to worry about this.
  • If you have a tendency to act and then think, not to worry. If you’ve painted your nails or missed a piece of paper with a felt tip and accidently written on your granite, don’t sweat it just yet!
  • Remove it with detergent and for stains that just won’t budge, repeat this process lightly to avoid any discolouration and apply sealer for added shine.
  • Wipe away any oily spills – this is really just good practice. You don’t want your hands or other foods covered in oil. This can make your surface very slippy.
  • Using microfibre cloths can get rid of those streaks that soap and water can leave behind. Polish your tops with a microfibre cloth and they will look immaculate.

granite worktops

Here at Cawdor Stone Gallery, we’re all about making the most of your magnificent worktops to ensure they always look impressive, for both you and your guests. We hope this article has given you tips that’ll sort out any queries you may have had about caring for your granite. Our company have been established for over 30 years and we offer work worldwide, from London to Hong Kong to ensure everyone gets to experience perfection. If you want more information, please get in touch via the phone or email, where a member of our team will be happy to assist you.