Choose a Cosentino White Worktop that will never go out of Style5 min read

Are you looking to design a stylish kitchen in your home with a white worktop? Is it something you dream of? White worktops are one of the most popular choices among interior designers and homeowners worldwide.

We at Cawdor Stone Gallery have a crush on white worktops as well as Cosentino. There are so many to choose from, from marbled designs to plain and textured. Cosentino Group has brands such as Dekton and Silestone that offer a complete range of white colours, in all styles for all applications and we find it pretty hard choosing our favourite ones!

The advantages of choosing a white kitchen worktops

There are many advantages to choosing a white worktop, you may still be undecided whether it’s for you so we wanted to help you along the way with the following benefits.

  • The colour white brings light and airiness feelings to any space, which is especially useful when it comes to small, dimly lit kitchens.
  • White conveys hygiene and cleanliness. Special care has to be taken to clean, however, with a little maintenance the white worktops will look spotless.
  • White worktops are timeless, versatile and very fashionable, working with all the latest trends in kitchen design. If you choose this design for your new kitchen or updating your worktops, we know you will never get bored of it, plus you won’t need to renovate again in years to come.
  • White surfaces will go with any material. Combine it with wood, natural or industrial stone, metal or cement and create a stunning look.
  • Silestone and Dekton worktops are resistant to stains, impacts and scratches. Whether you are going to use the worktop indoors or outdoors, we will help you choose the perfect one with the best technical performance.
  • A light hue such as white is perfect for integrating the kitchen with the rest of the home.
  • White worktops can also highlight accessories and other decorative elements that can vary depending on the season or trend. Your kitchen will be bang-on-trend without making a huge investment.

Marbled white worktops to suit any style

As we have already discussed, Cosentino offers a wide range of whites for worktops and other surfaces in the home. In their latest collections, they have launched different marbled whites with very original and varied veining.

  • Malibu and Laguna, Silverkoast Collection – these versatile colours feature a white background with short veins running through the entire surface. The uniform and delicate structure makes it easy to incorporate into any design. Available in a velvet or polished finish.
  • Marina and Salina, Silverkoast Collection – with a design that’s inspired by the classic beauty of Carrara marble, but reinterpreted through the lens of Dekton, these colours combine the beauty of natural stone with state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge performance.
  • Neural, Onirika Collection – a light cream-toned base with fine, pale veins that run through the marbling, creating a fascinating neural network that moves in the same direction.

  • Vigil, Onirika Collection – this colour recreates a strong Calacatta structure with thick veins in gradients of light and dark grey combined with a subtle touch of gold.

Styling your white worktop

You can style your white worktops as you wish. They adapt to any decorative style and can be combined with any type of material.

There are so many designs you can choose from that will inspire you and make you find your own personal style.

Warm wooden furniture…

Create a modern, warm and welcoming design with a white worktop and wooden furniture. This minimalist Scandinavian style is on trend and brings calm into the home.

An all-white look…

A combination of white worktops and white cabinets brings a fresh, bright, spacious and modern space to the home. Mix it up a little by adding wood or gold details that add character to the kitchen.

Black & white…

Adding black and white together is a classic combination that is updated year after year. Elegant, sober and modern, it adds character to the whole room.

Brightly coloured furniture…

A big trend in recent years is the use of bright colours in the kitchen. How about combining white worktops with green or blue furniture?

Keeping your white worktop clean

Thanks to the magnificent properties of Dekton kitchen worktops and Silestone surfaces, the maintenance of the worktop will be pretty straightforward, making cleaning in your kitchen a breeze.

  • Apply neutral soap to the affected area and gently rub in a circular motion with a damp microfibre cloth.
  • Leave for a couple of minutes, then wipe off any soap residue with a cloth. Finally, dry it with kitchen roll.

Q-Action is a cleaner specifically designed for the hygiene and disinfection of kitchen worktops that contain self-drying components and natural soap – you can also use this.

  • To remove stubborn stains such as wine, coffee and food colouring from your Silestone surface, use a 15% bleach solution in water, leaving it to act for no more than 2 minutes.
  • To remove stubborn stains from Dekton surfaces, simply apply some detergent and rub gently.

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