Choose a Quartz to add to the Kitchens Aesthetics3 min read

When choosing the kitchen worktops, they have a lot to say about the entire kitchens aesthetics, so choose a colour that will flatter and enhance your theme no matter what. There are so many colours and styles to choose from, you want to pick one that’s perfect for your hub of the home.

Most colours available go with anything these days, with lots of people’s personalities being different. In this blog, we will look at what colours are available and how they will work within your scheme to complement it beautifully.

Light or dark surface?

Do you and your kitchen prefer light or dark colours? It does depend on how much natural light enters the room, and the chosen colour on your cabinets determines the choice of your worktops.

Light worktops

Light worktops open up the space and provide a brighter surrounding. The white undertones found within the worktops will naturally reflect any light and look wonderful in the kitchen. If you have pendants suspended above, the worktop will shine beautifully from the light and provide the hub of the home with a design statement.

Dark worktops

If you opt for a dark worktop, they add a rich tone to the kitchen space and can still be reflecting with the light. If your cabinets have a glossy finish the light can reflect perfectly against them. If your kitchen is of a smaller size and you worry about dark colour dominating the room, you can pair the dark worktops with light cabinets such as creams, whites and greens to make the room come alive. Large kitchens with plenty of lighting and natural light will support a fully dark scheme across the room and bring it all together perfectly.

Do you like patterns and variations or just a bold colour?

When you have decided on whether you are going for a light or dark worktop, you can now think if you want a pattern or variation within it or if you want just one bold colour. There are many different quartz with marble effects, veining and one bold colour.

Below are just a few options

Compac Absolute Blanc

Belenco Forza Fume

Diresco Premium Dolphin Grey

Technistone Crystal Polar White

Caesarstone Raven 4120

Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo 5131

Belenco Aizano Seta

Compac Unique Venatino

CRL Quartz Grey Mist

Technistone Noble Pietra Grey

Are you a lover of sparkles?

There are many stone materials available with sparkles especially quartz. The put the glam back into your life and your kitchen space. Who doesn’t love a bit of glitz? From white to black, to even red, there is something to suit.

Technistone Brilliant Black

Compac Titaneo

CRL Quartz Grey Reflection

Quartzforms Twinkle White

Compac New Passion

Compac Venecia

Flattering your floor

Your worktops and floor need to flatter each other, so choosing them correctly is vital. If careful thought hasn’t been considered you could risk a kitchen design that clashes. The colours that you choose need to complement each other.

Put samples down next to each other to make sure the colours go together and how they work with each other.

A good rule of thumb is to decide on similar colours for the floors and worktops, but go daring to match your personality.


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