How to choose the perfect bathroom vanity top3 min read


Due to the sheer selection of materials and types of vanity tops around today, it can be a rather difficult task when trying to decide on what to purchase. So if you’re on the lookout for the perfect bathroom top, here are a few things to consider before making your choice. This month, Cawdor Stone Gallery are here to run through those important pros and cons, so you can find a vanity top that best meets your needs and expectations.

Pros and cons of bathroom vanity top materials

Marbleis a sophisticated material that will turn your bathroom into a luxurious space of relaxation. It is a durable material, ideal for a bathroom vanity top because it is robust enough to resist the majority of accidental drops and spillages. You can be sure that your vanity top will withstand the test of daily usage and any mishaps will account to nothing thanks to its long-lasting properties. Marble tops can be polished for general maintenance and upkeep, a great way to keep a high-shine finish. This being said, marble worktops can also achieve a more relaxed look with a matte finish too. Another pro, marble comes in a variety of colours and can be adapted to all customers tastes and styles.

Like everything, there are a few cons to marble worktops, including the price. However, suppliers like ourselves offer a price match guarantee for the same materials, so it’s important to look out for these offers where you can, to get the best price and material you want. Marble tops can also be etched from harsh cleaning products, so a careful cleaning regime is in order, to keep your tops looking great.

Granite can turn your bathroom into a tranquil place of serenity. This material offers a wide array of patterns and a beautiful blend of colours to entice customers to something unique that’ll speak to them and their individual style. Granite is strong and it is scratch resistant which is ideal for those who lead busy lives, as they require little upkeep. You may want to choose granite for your bathroom worktop because it’s impenetrable to moisture and humidity in the air – ideal for those who take long showers. It is a reliable material, that’s bound to add charm and value to your home.

Although granite can withstand some harsh chemicals, you still need to be careful. Using highly acidic cleaning products can cause the sealer to break down overtime and inevitably damage the surface.

granite bathroom


Quartzis fast becoming the most popular work surface out there because it is a man-made material that offers a number of excellent properties. Quartz is an affordable luxury material that’s hard wearing, non-porous and resistant to general scratches and abrasions. It is a high quality material that can give your bathroom an indulgent spa room-feel that’ll help you to forget the stress of your day.

Again, all materials have their cons and with quartz, their wonderfully shiny surface can display smudges and fingerprints well, so it’s important to wipe down the tops on a regular basis if you want them looking pristine.

With over 30 years of experience within the industry, you can guarantee that our team of professionals can provide you with excellent advice, materials and installations. Cawdor Stone Gallery have a 10 year warranty on all products and we work to a timely manner because we want each and every customer to enjoy our flawless services, with little disruption. Based in Hertfordshire, we cover countless locations, so give us a call today and see what we can do for you.