How to choose the right edging for your stone worktops3 min read


A kitchen is a place where we create culinary delights, experiment with new recipes, socialise with friends and sit down with the family to talk about the day. So when choosing every detail of your kitchen, isn’t it important to get everything just so, so your kitchen is individual to you? Enhance the personality of your kitchen and choose the right edging for your stone worktops.


Below you will find the different types of stone worktop edging to choose from.


The types of edging for stone worktops:

  • Square edges provide kitchens with a strong and robust worktop. Ideal for all homes as they add clean, simple symmetrical lines – great for pairing with all types of kitchenware and not to mention they provide a larger surface area; ideal for those that need the extra space when cooking. Square edges can be mistaken as being ‘sharp’ because of their 90° angle but they’re similar to edges on a desk or coffee table. The top edge is softened with a small bevel or a pencil rounding. The only thing you may want to watch out for is catching clothes and bags on any exposed corners such as those found on islands or projecting peninsulas. These corners can be rounded with a small radius while still maintaining the square edge. The Square edge is an ideal finish to modern homes looking to match their surroundings.


  • Curved edges can make your kitchen look like a piece of modern art, with fluid lines and beautiful curves. When you choose curved edges you will most certainly add style to your kitchen and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they will work well with any shape and size of room. This curved shape is ideal for families with young children, to increase the safety within the kitchen. The edges to these shaped kitchen tops can be a simple square or a more detailed shape.


  • Bullnose edging can be adjusted to your tastes as they come in a range of styles including: quarter bullnose, half bullnose or full bullnose. This design is aesthetically pleasing and it’s a style that’s built to last – enhanced by the curved edges that help to prevent chipping. They work well in traditional homes and cottages.


  • Ogee edge is a more traditional choice for a home kitchen. This type has a rounded concave edge that joins to an upper convex arch, producing a softer finish. A tiered edging like the Ogee can be a more expensive option but they can offer classic character to your kitchen.


  • More intricate edges are also available. From the modern ‘shark’s nose’ with an undercut bottom edge to a waterfall or double ogee design. The type of edge should also relate to the stone and how the colour and veining are affected by the intricacies of the edge design

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