Choosing the Best Flooring in your Hub of the Home4 min read

Flooring is one of the most important elements of a kitchen. It has a pretty tough job, through traffic, spillages, muddy feet and paw prints. You want your floor to look fresh and stylish, so the right material for your space and lifestyle is crucial.

Everyone has different views and opinions when it comes to the floor in the kitchen. The kitchen is part of everyday life and everyone has their style and preferences. Some people like the coldness beneath their feet with a beautiful tile, whilst others love the warmth natural beauty of wood through their toes.

Flooring comes in all sorts of patterns, colours, themes and designs. Careful consideration into the perfect flooring for your hub of the home will give you the desired look you are after, as well as the durability needed.

Do you like a unique pattern, wood or a classic stone? All flooring materials have their advantages and disadvantages, so you need to carefully weigh up the pros and cons of each one to help you choose the perfect flooring for your hub of the home.

The property below features a lovely light wooden floor for the large open-plan space. To complete the two-tone cabinets we fabricated and installed the White Carrara quartz. This offers the modern kitchen a timeless appeal and a long-lasting finish.

Steps in choosing the perfect flooring

  • Look at what style of floor is best suited to you and your home. Will it match your style and suit your home?
  • Is your kitchen large or small? Does it have a lot of natural light or are there a few dark spots?
  • Are there certain colours you like?
  • With a wooden floor, will you be looking at wide planks or skinny?
  • Does a luxury vinyl tile suit you and your budget? They are a bespoke floor and can be added with beautiful borders.
  • Think about practicality. Is the flooring going to be durable enough and easy to clean?

The different types of flooring

  • Tiles are practical and offer style and convenience to the kitchen area. They are normally a common choice, as they are versatile and look the part in both traditional and modern homes. Tiles are very easy to clean but can become cold to the touch and quite heavy.
  • Stone is a popular flooring choice due to its beauty and natural elements. The kitchen will certainly have some wow factor if you choose tiles. They are long-lasting, robust and easy to be cared for. Stone is a very hard material so it is not forgiving to your feet.
  • Rubber flooring is durable and offers a sleek look to the space. It can be purchased in tiles and textures such as studs and ridges. A flatter surface is a better option for the kitchen due to the cleaning. It is good for the feet and available in an array of colours that will go with most kitchen designs.
  • Polished concrete will give you the perfect finish to your industrial style kitchen. This type of material sharpens a soft look and is hard-wearing, making it get tougher with age. It can come in a range of colours with it being easy to maintain and great for underfloor heating. Unfortunately due to concrete being a hard material, it is not forgiving to your feet.
  • Solid wood can come in a huge range of shades and grains. It is unlikely to go out of fashion and works in any setting from ultra-modern to the traditional country cottage.  A quartz or granite worktop will look that part with a solid wood floor, and lots of our clients have chosen this type of flooring. Wood is warm and cosy, but will definitely not work with underfloor heating.
  • Engineered wood is the perfect antidote to a big room. The boards are flat and don’t expand or contract throughout the years. This material is perfect for underfloor heating, but the disadvantage is that they can lack some character of the real thing and get scratched and stained.
  • Laminate is another popular choice for the kitchen area. It doesn’t always have to represent wood, it can imitate ceramic tiles and slate too. It is a tough and scratch-resistant type of floor with lots of colours and textures to choose from.
  • Vinyl is a high-quality and budget-friendly choice offering lots of patterns and colours. It can replicate lots of surfaces, from wood to stone and is very easy to clean and maintain.

In this kitchen below we fabricated and installed the delightful Carrara Quartz. It was a vast space and the light hues brighten up the space even more, with the warmth of the wood floor coming through.

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