Choosing the Best Kitchen Worktops for Cooking3 min read

There is so much choice in the worktop world and choosing the best kitchen surface for your cooking needs may not be as simple as it sounds. We have put together a handy guide below with practical options, aesthetically pleasing worktops, as well as the most durable.

Are you looking for new kitchen ideas because you’re contemplating a complete kitchen overhaul? Your selection of kitchen countertop ideas should align with your overall budget for the project. However, if your focus is solely on replacing the worktops, it’s worth exploring premium choices that can add a “WOW” factor to the entire space. Be mindful that your choice harmonises with the existing colours of your kitchen cabinets and complements your kitchen splashback ideas.

Do you have a passion for cooking? If you like to cook you want to look for a worktop that extends beyond just durability and functionality, it’s a good idea to choose a surface you’ll be happy to look at and work with. We spend lots of time in our kitchens so we want this element of the kitchen to not only serve its practical purpose but also please our aesthetic senses. Designing a kitchen for someone who loves to cook means creating a calm and cohesive workspace. Find a countertop that complements the existing kitchen design and is easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Heat-Resistant Worktops

What worktop is the most heat-resistant? Looking at a restaurant kitchen that surface choice is almost always stainless steel. You are able to slide a hot pan straight off the stove onto a stainless steel worktop with no damage done! Not only is it heat-resistant, it’s also hygienic and hardwearing too.

However, if you feel that stainless steel is a little too clinical or industrial for a home kitchen you could choose copper or brass. These have the same properties but offer a warmer, more stylish look.

There are of course other surfaces available such as granite or quartz, which both have heat-resistant properties. There are so many colours and styles to choose from as they are very versatile, so you’ll be able to complete your kitchen design just the way you want.

Durable Kitchen Worktops

Engineered quartz is a durable option and a cheaper alternative to marble. It’s stain and heat-resistant so is a great option for high-traffic areas. There are so many colours and styles to choose from, you will have a unique stone in your kitchen in no time at all.

Soapstone offers the beauty of natural stone while requiring less maintenance than marble, making it a practical choice. There are three key benefits to using soapstone. Firstly it’s heat-resistant, secondly, it’s acid-resistant, meaning wine spills won’t leave a stain on the surface and lastly, it’s incredibly dense and contains hydrophobic talc, which means it repels water.

Scratch-Resistant Worktops

Granite, Quartz and Quartzite are not only durable but are also scratch-resistant. They all are designed to withstand the wear and tear that can result from daily use in kitchens. They are an excellent choice for those who want to invest in durable, low-maintenance surfaces.

Combination Worktops

Creating a combination of worktops to visually zone the kitchen can lead to a more creative look. There are no rules to say that you have to have the same worktop throughout the kitchen, tailor your choices around that particular part of the kitchen. Mixing and matching different surface materials can create a unique and interesting look, but you want to make sure you choose materials that complement one another both aesthetically and functionally. For example, choose a more durable and stain-resistant material for areas that are prone to spills and stains and combine it with a solid oak turned pedestal table that is attached to the island.


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