Compac’s New Collection – Genesis Created by Arik Levy2 min read

Compac has added to their collection with a range named GENESIS created by Arik Levy. The Genesis collection is the beginning of everything… the world, nature, natural elements, ideas and creative processes. These new colours are bound to make an impression in your kitchen design.

Arik Levy is an artist, technician, photographer, designer and video artist. His skills are multi-disciplinary and his work can be seen in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide. He is best known publicly for his sculptures, such as his signature rock pieces. In 1991, he gained a distinction at the Art Center Europe. He now considers himself as more of a ‘feeling’ artist and continues to contribute substantially to interior and exterior design.


Ice of GENESIS is the beginning of everything, the origin of nature and of matter. The origin of an idea, and a creative process that seeks to change the status quo of surface coverings. This is Compac’s most ambitious collection that offers a series of surfaces in which technology, design and art are fused together to create something that has never been seen before.

They collaborated with artist Arik Levy who has a truly disruptive and transgressive mind who can see beyond.

Ice Max Pure

Ice Max Black

Nebulous of GENESIS

Nebulous of GENESIS is an interstellar cloud – an inspiration from outer space. A star cluster that offers a pattern of mineral galaxies looking like our home planetary system. It forms a sculptural appearance in space, patterns are created in a kind of amorphic quality. Everywhere we look, the eye discovers a vast number of configurations and visual compositions. It’s an idea of travelling over light-years of distance to become an experience of vibrant motivation.

Nebulous Gold

Cobweb by GENESIS

Cobweb by GENESIS takes its inspiration from the amazing construction made by spiders. A single sill thread from a spider has outstanding resistance and ductility in proportion to its thickness. Spiderwebs are no longer just beautiful creations, they have become a fantastic metaphor of the Quartz slabs in both strength and beauty. Because of the visual parallel between natural stone decorations and the cobweb patterns on this surface it makes it truly inspiring.



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