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The Unique collection by Compac transforms spaces in which it is used, endowing them with elegance and a unique style. Sober, commanding homes and spaces take on another dimension when these materials become the protagonists.

It is inspired by the properties of natural rock to then go beyond all your expectations. Born from total respect and admiration for the forms, materials, and textures of the earth. The creations are inspired by lakes, forests, rocks, and mountain scenes to build something totally new and unique.

Compac, The Surfaces Company is the leading company in Spain marketing high-quality decorative surfaces. It was founded in 1975, being the first Spanish company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of marble and quartz surface coverings. In 2007, it was opened in the UK, where it soon became popular with many best-selling products.

Unique StatuarioTM


Unique Statuario GoldTM


Unique PortoroTM

Unique Portoro – Perfection of the mind. A sophisticated design that is pure black with sinuous white veins will turn any space into a very special place. Thanks to the pure elegance the veins give us a whole symphony of sensations through a unique experience.

Unique Calacatta BlackTM

Unique Calacatta Black – Perfection of the night. In the same way that the whiteness of the full moon contrasts with a dark sky, this colour transforms darkness into its own light through the combination of perfect veins, clean as night, with the purest white. A perfection that’s inspired by nature for a perfect finish.

Unique Calacatta GoldTM

Unique Calacatta Gold – Perfection of the sun. As touched by the sun’s rays, this stone perfectly combines the golden tones of the king star in sinuous veins that run through the purest white of dawn. A sophisticated finish to give elegance and warmth to every corner of your home.

Unique Calacatta Macchia VecchiaTM

Unique Calacatta Macchia Vecchia – Perfection that flows. Inspired by the flow of the long-frozen rivers, this style of stone is made up of winding and uneven streaks dotted with gold, creating a unique, elegant, and sophisticated product. A timeless design that, with its presence, floods every corner of life.

Unique PietraTM

Unique Pietra – The most beautiful surface manages to first inspire your sight, followed by the rest of your senses. The tone of this stone, together with the design of the veining, wins you over not only with its essence but with every sensation it awakens with its texture. It transports you to infinite places. A safe bet for those who love everything artistic and unusual.

Unique BiancoTM

Unique Bianco – A surface capable of speaking to your fingers, has a whole lot to say. The design allows the material to have movement, with strength and personality. Its exclusive textures are the hallmarks of this creation, which has been specially designed for environments with a strong personality.

Unique CarraraTM

Unique Carrara – Go with the surface that’s able to move you. This is an exclusive piece, designed for those who are looking to create special spaces with bright surfaces filled with their own light.

Unique ArgentoTM

Unique Argento – Perfection of essential. Grey inspired by the appeal of the weather-worn rock, by dry tree bark, by the ashes from which life is reborn. The essence of the natural elevated to the maximum in elegance, with a silver-tone and a subtle vein that brings timid flashes of light. It will transform every space it touches into something extraordinary, providing a solid foundation for the rest of the materials and textures with which it coexists with.

Unique ArabescatoTM

Unique Arabescato – Perfection in shapes. Interlaced through the pure white rock are streaks of pale grey that form unique patterns. The fresh and pure finish brings brightness and luminosity to every space in your home.

Unique VenatinoTM

Unique Venatino – Perfection that speaks. This stone is so rare and special. It is the perfect balance between wildness and elegance, control and energy. The softness of the whites and the subtlety of the greys, throughout the veining, give each piece an insuperable exclusivity and simplicity. It’s a material that makes a statement about you, who you are, and what you’re like. This design will turn any space without life into a part of you, your character, and your personality.

Unique MarquinaTM

Unique Marquina – Perfection of elegance.  From the darkness of the rock come the sinuous white sparkling streaks, giving this material an exclusive and refined appearance, full of strength and authenticity. The appearance means originality, purity, elegance, and distinction. Regardless of the surroundings, quality and good taste are always apparent, from the simplest styles all the way through to the most sophisticated of kitchen design.

Unique CalacattaTM

Unique Calacatta – Perfection of the soul. The beauty of the purest white contrasts with dark sinuous veins, giving rise to elegance and luminosity like never before. This stone will certainly transform empty silent spaces into unforgettable living places imbued with personality and style.

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