Concrete Kitchen Worktops – Advice4 min read

Updated 16/01/2020

Concrete in various areas of the home is very fashionable at the present time, especially in the last 2-3 years. We have seen spectacular flooring with polished concrete on shows like Grand Designs for example in the most amazing properties, but the trend has grown into other areas such as wall covering and kitchen worktops.

Concrete is a hard wearing surface in it’s basic form however can easily chip and is porous unless specially sealed. Therefore the most popular material for kitchen worktops has now come to the forefront, offering concrete styles – this material is Quartz.

We show you some of the UK’s most popular concrete style quartz worktops available right now. These products aim to replicate both the look and feel of concrete with styles of varying colour from light to dark and even with marbling and veining, they also offer polished or textured finishes too, enabling you to create the ultimate worktop perfectly fitted into your kitchen and design requirements.

Concrete Quartz from Caesarstone

4044 Airy Concrete

One of the more popular styles from Caesarstone is this Airy Concrete with a robust and very authentic concrete look.

4011 Cloudburst Concrete

Another of Caesarstone’s authentic looking concrete slabs with a white cloudy feature throughout.

4033 Rugged Concrete

The darkest of Caesarstone’s authentic Concrete range, this material is a great contrast with white kitchens for example.

4003 Sleek Concrete

The Sleek Concrete from Caesarstone has a more consistent colour and style throughout the slab which is a mid-grey tone.

4004 Raw Concrete

This concrete style has a beige undertone which offers a different look under different lighting conditions.

4001 Fresh Concrete

The lightest consistent concrete quartz colours by Caesarstone.

2003 Concrete

The darkest of the consistent concrete quartz colours by Caesarstone.

Concrete Quartz from Silestone

Cemento Spa

Cemento Spa provides an industrial and modern touch with Silestone’s dark grey imitation of concrete.

White North

One of the whitest concrete style quartz products we have come across, White North by Silestone.

Grey Expo

Grey Expo is a dark grey consistent colour concrete style quartz.

Concrete Quartz from CRL Quartz

Concrete Gris

This honed finish offers all the natural beauty of real concrete while being easy to maintain.

Soft Concrete

One shade lighter than real concrete, this Soft Concrete aims to add warmth to an industrial kitchen.

Concrete Quartz from Cawdor Stone

We are introducing some brand new colours to our imported stone range, these are listed below. Please enquire directly to our showroom regarding these materials to check availability and lead times.

Canterbury White Concrete (CS1415)

A bright white concrete effect quartz with a trendy detailing throughout the slab. The urban hip location of Hoxton in London was the inspiration for this design where there are many art galleries as well as the popular market selling clothing and food. Similar in colour and style to Hoxton White Concrete by Urban Quartz.

Whitstable Grey Concrete (CS1416)

A darker concrete effect quartz with hints of blue and grey. The arty area of Shoreditch was the inspiration for this design where young creatives and trendsetters are plentiful. Similar in colour and style to Shoreditch Grey Concrete by Urban Quartz.

Ely Snow Concrete (CS1417)

A light, snow coloured concrete effect quartz with soft grey clusters in a vein-like pattern, could be likened to silicon production. Inspiration for this stone came from softer, lighter graffiti which can be seen by artists such as Banksy and Jef Aerosol in Old Street London. Similar in colour and style to Old Street by Urban Quartz.

Lichfield Dark Concrete (CS1418)

The darkest concrete quartz we are currently sourcing, with mid to dark tones present throughout. Inspiration for this stone comes from watercolour artist John Ruskin whose styles originated from the town of Camberwell and incorporated dark tones with enhanced textures on dark areas of his paintings. Similar in colour and Style to Camberwell by Urban Quartz.

Clifton Bronze Concrete (CS1419)

An interesting and unique concrete style quartz which looks like the cut-away of a cliff-face showing multiple layers of the earth’s crust. Inspiration for this stone comes from the area of Camden in Central London which is often cited as a ‘high-density’ area of activities. Similar in style to Camden by Urban Quartz.