Creating a Barista’s Dream Kitchen3 min read

The kitchen is the perfect place to create a barista’s dream. You can wake up from that perfect night’s sleep and walk straight into your own coffee shop.

Many homeowners are updating their kitchens into a modern and functional hub of the home with a special place just for the coffee machine creating the ultimate breakfast pantry. The breakfast pantry is a handy spot to keep your toaster, coffee machine and everything you need in order to create the ultimate breakfast area that is hidden away, but instantly accessible.

Our quartz or granite worktops can provide the best cold-shelf within the breakfast pantry, providing you with that extra bit of space to make that delicious and tasty coffee.

Building a coffee station allows you to have all your coffee equipment in one place, that’s easy to locate when you are in desperate need of that caffeine. You can impress your guests with this easy solution when they come round for a catch-up.

The items that you need to create the perfect barista station

  • Coffee maker
  • Cups, saucers and mugs
  • Sugar and flavoured syrups
  • Coffee
  • Grinders
  • Trays
  • Spoons

You can find inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, interior magazines, blogs and us at Cawdor Stone too. We are always updating our blogs and Instagram with our latest projects and many of our clients have built a fabulous coffee station into their hub of the home.

Where will you build yours?

You can style a coffee machine right on top of your worktops or right inside a cupboard. Dedicating the area to just the drink-making station is ideal as it allows for all the essentials to be in one place.

If you have a small counter you could use a tray instead, this can hold all the necessary equipment and not use too much space. Alternatively use a food cart or sidebar that is moveable, or integrate a coffee machine into where the other built-in appliances are creating a bank of cooking instruments.

How about customising your coffee station in a special cabinet, like a breakfast pantry. If you have lots of space in the kitchen you can design a special cupboard amongst the other cabinets to house all of the coffee necessities. When finished with you can close the door, creating a less cluttered look.

Finishing touches

Add hooks on the walls for mugs and cups to keep the station clean and tidy and install shelves above for additional equipment like the coffee and sugar. This will create a brilliant storage option that is handy for all users.

You want the coffee machine to fit in with the decor, so try to match one with your colour scheme. You could go for a sleek one or a bold colourful one to give the kitchen a pop of colour. If you have gone for an industrial kitchen design, why not add steel canisters to put tea, coffee and sugar in them, this will help you to keep within the theme.

If you have chosen to go for a neutral colour scheme, you could potentially add a splash of colour to the coffee area. This will make an amazing feature, making you want to use it all the time and guests to want more coffee!

Wall art is another great idea to add colour and hang up a chalkboard to create a cafe-style coffee station.

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