Creating Pet-Friendly Kitchens in our Home4 min read

Many people around the world have pets, they become part of the family and love to be around you. They are important to many of us and we want to keep them safe within our homes, as well as keeping the kitchen as clean as it can be.

In this blog, we will show you just how easy it is to keep the kitchen clean and how to keep your fur baby safe from daily hazards, making the ultimate pet-friendly kitchen.

Keeping them safe

The most important thing is keeping your pets safe. The sprays and creams we use to clean the kitchen can be toxic to humans as well as animals so we need to make sure they are out of reach.

  • A cupboard specifically designed for the cleaning materials is a brilliant idea. They are then out of reach from children and our pets. Child-proof latches on cupboards will keep even the cleverest dogs out.
  • When cleaning the kitchen floor, make sure your animals are out of the room before using products such as bleach, as these are harmful substances and can actually harm our furry friend’s paws.
  • Design a bin into your cabinetry to keep away from our pets, you know pets are tempted by the smell of food. An integrated waste bin will make your kitchen look that little better, meaning extra floor space too!
  • Some luxury appliances that are available on the market can be harmful to our pets. Cats love climbing and the hob is probably the most dangerous place for them to go. It may be worth thinking about an induction hob, as they only heat up when a pan is placed on top.
  • Keep knives and sharp objects in a drawer. It keeps them out of harm’s way, as well as providing a neat storage place.
  • Trunking is another great idea to add to the kitchen area. It provides an excellent solution to dangling wires, giving you a neat and tidy appearance to your kitchen décor.

Lock away the food

There are many types of food we have in our kitchen, with some of the ingredients being toxic to your dog or cat and even deadly! Dogs are very much attractive to food and unfortunately will eat absolutely anything, it is very important that we keep certain foods stored away. Chocolate and grapes are most definitely deadly to dogs! If we do for some reason leave food on the side make sure it is up high, so it’s less likely to fall for our legged friend to catch.

Cleaning the kitchen

Pets come with muddy paws, drool and shedding fur. Cleaning the kitchen may feel and look like a dreaded task, but keeping the kitchen clean is pretty easy, producing a fabulous result after.

  • Laminates, tiles, vinyl and any other flooring that is easy to clean are a good choice for the kitchen area, as they are easy to tackle the dirt and mud as they appear. You can use a mop easily on these types of flooring making it an easy cleaning task.
  • Choose a waterproof paint for the cabinets and walls, lots of paints on the market are water-resistant.
  • Sweeping up every day is a must. It’s only a five-minute job and will avoid a much larger job in the future.

Top tips

  • Sticky tape is a great idea to pick up loose hairs
  • A dampened mop is perfect for hardwood or vinyl floors
  • Rubber brooms allow to pick up the hairs more easily in the kitchen

Designing pet areas into your kitchen cabinets

When it comes to designing a kitchen, there are many ways where integrated food and water bowls can be built into your cabinetry.

  • They can be installed into a unit or on the side of a kitchen island, looking sleek and convenient.
  • If there’s a large space under the cabinetry this can be used for a pet bed, it allows your fur baby to snuggle while you do the daily chores. (Make sure it isn’t underneath a prep area though, just in case they accidentally trip you up).
  • Make a cupboard that is designed especially for the pet food, medication, waste bags, treats and grooming equipment, it allows for it all to be in one place that is easily accessible.


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