Creating the Best Task Lighting for your Kitchen4 min read

Task lighting provides the kitchen with the brightest lights of them all. These types of lights target the main areas such as the worktops, cooker and sink. Task lights are really important to a kitchen space as it enables us to do the necessary chores, without a shadow-free working environment.

In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of excellent task lighting, as well as the different lighting options available for you and your home.

Here at Cawdor Stone, we have a range of colours in quartz and granite surfaces that will complement any style you are going for.

Our natural quartz products are man-made and extremely durable, providing a non-porous surface that is resistant to stains, scratches and abrasions – perfect for a kitchen worktop.

Our granite worktop materials make the perfect addition to any kitchen, providing a durable and easy to maintain base from which you can cook, clean and socialise without worrying about scratches and stains.

Our client below in Hitchen opted for the stunning Carrara quartz in a 20mm thickness. The kitchen has been filled with adequate task lighting to make it as multi-functional as it can be. Antique pendants suspend above the central breakfast bar for extra light and set the mood on a Saturday night.

Worktop lights

Lighting up the worktops with under-cupboard spotlights ensure for a bright and focused area. When fitted they need to be as close as they can be to the cabinet edge, so not just the back of the quartz or granite worktop is lit up. These lights are great for food prep and when using a sharp knife.

LED strips also provide much-needed task light. They create a bright illumination across the whole area making the visibility clearer than ever. Circular LED lights are a modern option, being more compact and creating a soft ambient light for dining, where rope LED’s look stylish and are perfect for anyone who loves a simple installation.

Our client below chose the delightful Bianca Stella in a 20mm thickness. This humble property in Stevenage boasts a lovely amount of floor space due to the ideal kitchen layout. Under-cabinet lighting lights up the worktops and plenty of natural light bursts through the large window.

Sink lights

The sink is one of the main functions to a kitchen, with it being included in the ‘kitchen triangle’. The best place to house the sink in a kitchen is underneath a window. The sink will then be flooded with natural light throughout the day and can be lit up with softer spotlights to tie in with the rest of the style and layered lighting ideas in the evenings. LED lights in the ceiling also work great with a smaller kitchen and contemporary designs.

Hob lights

Lighting up the hob can be from the cooker hood you purchase. Many come with built-in lighting to illuminate the area to cook safely. The cooker hood can make a real statement in the kitchen, with a professional and modern look. There are many available that will blend seamlessly into your kitchen style.

Top tip- the same LED lighting that you use to light up your worktops can light up the hob, giving you the perfect amount of illumination to cook safely.

Our client below chose the unique River White quartz by CRL. We fabricated and installed this eye-catching worktop in a 30mm thickness. The ideal chimney hood was chosen to add extra lighting to the kitchen area and the single wall cabinet features under cabinet lighting for a great and easy cooking experience.

Kitchen Island lights

The kitchen island is mainly centred in the middle of the room which provides a design statement and a focus on the eye. Suspended pendant lights above the island to add style and create an illuminated bold statement.

Top tip- make sure you add enough light above the island to cover the whole of the worktops.

Below our client opted for the White Carrara. This is simply elegant and timeless and the perfect choice for this large open-plan space in Harpenden. Plenty of spotlights fill the ceiling and three antique pendants hang in a row to illuminate the grand island.

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