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An art deco style is often referred to a style of visual arts, architecture and design that first appeared in France just before WW1. This type of style is still featured around the world, from the world-famous Art Deco Claridge’s Hotel in Mayfair to the distinctive Chrysler building in New York City. It can also be seen in everything from art, cinemas, architecture, fashion, cars and kitchens of today.

It became popular in the 1920s, 30s and 40s, still being a popular vintage style in interior design today. The film “The Great Gatsby” that entered our screens in 2013 has made this style even more popular with couples and families. Bold geometric shapes make up this style with rich, bold colours and lavish ornamentation. It really is a simple style to add to the kitchen.


Accessorise your kitchen if you are going for an art deco theme. The perfect arrangement of ornaments and accessories will lift the mood and bring the 1920s back. Hollywood glamour is a good association with art deco. In the 1890s and 1910, Nouveau was one of the biggest inspirations of this style with lots of flowers and colours. People would often opt for a statement clock or an opulent chandelier that catches the eye.


There are many different colours that are used in an art deco theme, these include mustard yellow, teal, lavender, dark raspberry and muted navy. Use them in small colour bursts around the room through the accessories and statement tiles.

If you have an island you could use this as a great statement block. You could opt for this to be in a brighter colour to the kitchen keeping the main kitchen units simple or minimalistic.

Keep it minimalistic

An art deco style is mostly made up of a minimalistic design that is complemented with intricate patterns and accessories. This type of approach will allow the art deco pieces to make a statement, from a luxury bar stool to a French art piece on the wall.

Add creative storage to keep clutter and appliances out of sight to really show off the art deco theme.

Induction hobs are another great way to add minimalism to the kitchen as they blend into the worktops.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are back and they are becoming a popular trend in the home especially within the kitchen design. Art deco style is best recognised by the geometric patterns that are produced through tiles, floors and even a splashback. The patterns are designed to catch the eye and will work great in a minimalistic style. This type of style is down to personal choice, whether you want to create a subtle design or a bright and bold pattern scheme.

A refined style

Art deco is back thanks to the highly engrossing film of 2013 “The Great Gatsby”. This Hollywood film is all about the glamour from the roaring 20s. Bold geometry and curvaceous shapes make up the art deco style. Create a unique kitchen with an eye-catching design, with decorative elements behind luxury glass cabinets doors that pop colour and own style!

Make it modern

Cabinetry and worktops with curves lend itself to a popular inspired 20s and 30s modern style kitchen. Dress the breakfast bar with shiny chairs and add an addition of a glamorous chandelier above. Your hub of the home will definitely fit in with a modern art deco style.

Black and white – Monochrome

Art deco is known to be about bold colours and the use of black and white. You could match a black worktop with a white kitchen and splash some colour onto the wall. You could even bring some monochrome accessories into the kitchen to really get on this trend.


Use of dark timber often makes up an art deco style. Use curves and magnificent surfaces, with decorative accessories like silver, brass or gold. These metallics have drawn inspiration from the art deco era and created a feeling from the 20s, where lavishness, modernity and sophistication are within.

Dining at its finest

Create the kitchen space into a sleek, stylish, sharp and clean-cut area dressed in a mix of black and white just like Jay Gatsby himself. Use accessories to show through the personality and evidence of what art deco is famous for.


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