Dive into the Raw Beauty of Concrete Worktops4 min read

Concrete worktops suit many modern designs and can even provide a contemporary twist for those more traditional spaces. This type of material offers a distinctive and robust look popular in people’s homes, but it isn’t the most suitable surface for your kitchen.

Like any natural material, concrete has its drawbacks. Although it looks great, it’s not the best surface for your kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you have to change your whole kitchen design, as Cawdor Stone can help you with an alternative material that will still achieve the concrete aesthetic that we love and crave.

Pros and cons of concrete

Whether you want to soften the kitchen design with a range of colours or opt for a more industrial-chic feel to your space with different textures, concrete is a great way to flip modern and traditional designs and create stunning hybrid looks that suit your style and personality exactly. However, although concrete is fairly strong, it’s not completely resistant to cracks, chips, scratches and other daily damage that occur in your kitchen. Opting for alternative materials such as quartz or porcelain can eliminate this issue and still allow you to achieve your desired concrete aesthetic.

When looking at the world of worktops not many are aware that concrete is porous, meaning those little day-to-day spills are absorbed and can increase the rate of bacteria growth if the surface is not correctly sealed. Concrete is obviously a heavy material, so extra stress can be placed on flooring and cabinets if the proper supports are not installed. The cost of concrete can be expensive too. Due to the challenges mentioned, it’s clear that this material is particularly high maintenance and may not be right for everyone.

Still, achieving a concrete aesthetic with an alternative material

Just because there are a few disadvantages to choosing concrete as a worktop, you can still achieve your dream urban-themed kitchen with a concrete surface by opting for a different material. Both porcelain and quartz worktops provide all the qualities for a low-maintenance kitchen but with the added benefit of limitless design. Neither the style nor quality will be compromised.

How about looking at the Caesarstone 4046 Excava? This stone offers a luxurious look, with oxidised patinas in deep coppers, chesnuts and auburn flowing across the surface and providing real depth to any household, capturing the essence of the authentic industrial material. This would look stunning on a kitchen island.

Another stone you could look at is the Caesarstone Porcelain 302 Metallio Black. It features an industrial background that is highlighted and finished with a honed, intense and daring look. This graphite tone base, with a mist-like smoky patina that flows throughout, is absolutely beautiful.

Style your kitchen around a concrete-effect worktop

Be mindful when styling your kitchen with concrete-effect worktops, although they match a range of styles and designs, some can be a bold choice so it’s important to consider the other elements of your kitchen such as the flooring, lighting, colour scheme, cabinets and of course, accessories.

Do you love a bold, statement design? When researching this design, interior designers say to focus on the dark industrial look with pops of contrasting colours such as white cabinetry or walls for a unique feel. 4033 Rugged Concrete, part of the Metropolitan Collection, boasts dramatic gradients of robust concrete greys flushed with white-haze patinas and industrial-inspired imperfections that are accentuated by a deep textured finish.

Why not play with more daring patterns in accessories and wall art to complement the design that this worktop focuses on?

Concrete countertops are a great kitchen design idea – they could be the perfect addition to your home. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but choosing a concrete-looking porcelain or quartz worktop will mean it’s durable and future-proof. The kitchen is today’s hub of the home and central point for entertaining or relaxing, so any of these surfaces is destined to be a head-turner.


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