Everything You Need To Know About Worktop Jargon3 min read

When we are in the middle of a home renovation big or small and we have come to the point of selecting our worktops for the home we will often hear many questions that relate to the process. The questions range from… How tall do you want your upstands? When will you be ready for templating? It can be a little daunting at first, so we want to get you up to speed with the worktop lingo so you have a clear vision before coming down to our showroom and choosing your worktop.

How to choose between Quartz or Granite

To simplify it, quartz is manmade and granite is natural.

Quartz is a term for engineered stone and there are many different looks and styles you can create in your home with this luxurious stone. It is extremely durable, providing a non-porous surface that is resistant to stains, scratches and abrasions.

Granite comes from quarries and is sourced from all over the world. This natural stone is suitable for use as kitchen worktops and comes in many colours and styles.

Black Galaxy Granite

What are upstands?

Upstands are where the material of your worktop runs along the back around 100-130mm high, but is a completely bespoke detail. It helps catch small splashes and completes the finish. It can even be made into a window sill too.

Many homeowners are opting for full-height splashbacks that finish off the hob area.

Kitchen credit ❤️ @planetfurnitureltd

Photography credit 📸 @_wjphoto

What is a waterfall edge?

A waterfall edge is becoming increasingly popular and especially on kitchen islands. This is where the worktop flows down one side of the cabinet in the same material. It makes an incredible feature, especially in those stones with heavy veins. The worktop and down stand is cut at a 45-degree angle and joined together to form a waterfall effect.

The different surface finishes available

Depending on material choice, there are a variety of surface finishes available, with the most popular being polished but alternatives can be viewed in the Gallery, where you can discuss your needs with our expert team to ensure that your worktop is the perfect fit for your home.

The different edge profiles available

The edge profile is the finish to the edge of the worktop. Here at Cawdor Stone Gallery, we are able to provide a full range of edge designs that range from the traditional to the modern accommodating LED light grooves. In the Gallery, you can view samples of the extensive choice of various edge details available. We have listed some below too and a short video.

pencil edge Pencil

shark nose flat edgeShark Nose Flat

half bullnose edge Half Bullnose

double pencil edge Double Pencil

dupont edge Dupont

ogee edge Ogee

Check out our video below with James.

What is templating?

Templating is where one of our lovely templaters goes to your property and lays down a correx sheet and these are cut to the exact size that your worktop will be made to. It fits perfectly on top of the cabinet and around your sink, taps, hob etc for the most perfect and accurate measurements that are taken straight back to the factory.

This traditional method of templating ensures we have a physical template on which to base the precise cuts on our CNC machinery that are then hand-finished.


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