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Extremely hard, highly resistant and exceptionally beautiful!

The new Porcelain Collection from Caesarstone marks a leap in technology, functionality, and design by introducing three innovative properties that deliver a high degree of durability, strength and style.

  • Fortified Frame – The Fortified Frame provides an extremely hard surface, incredibly resistant to scratches, pressure and rupture enabling it to stand up to the most demanding high-volume use.
  • High-Heat Structure – The High-Heat Structure found within each porcelain product forms a resilient surface highly resistant to high temperature, enabling direct contact with heated objects. The combination of the natural ingredients secures UV resistance, for outdoor use.
  • Forward Design – The Forward Design achieves striking colour schemes, bolder veins, palpable textures, and magnified patterns in breakthrough surfaces. These stones are simple to care for and maintain, in Honed or Ultra Rough finishes that accentuate their design.

  • Superior Strength – Reinforced with a fibreglass-mesh backing for a new degree of durability and strength
  • Reliable Fabrication & Installation – Easy fabrication, suited for exceptional cutting and outstanding results
  • Scratch Resistant – Impressive scratch-resistance strength, not susceptible to scrapes or scuffs
  • Extreme-Heat Resistant – Withstands very high temperatures, enabling direct contact with heated objects
  • Nonporous and Stain Resistant – Non-porous, non-absorbent, impervious to stains and easy to maintain
  • Indoors & Outdoors Use – Resistant to UV exposure and suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Hygienic – Nonporous, inhibits bacteria, mould, or mildew, remains safe and sanitary for ultimate cleanliness
  • Easy to Clean – Simple care with just soap and water, no need for sealing, and essentially effortless to maintain
  • Environmentally Friendly – Durable and low-maintenance, supporting a healthier environment and better use of material resources
  • Lifetime Warranty – Peace of mind with Caesarstone is guaranteed with their lifetime residential warranty

In this blog, we look at each one of these versatile stones in more detail.

110 Whitenna

Whitenna from the new Porcelain collection is an intense white canvas that projects the pure aura of porcelain bisque, delivered in a minimalist and monochromatic tonality to let the brightness seep from within, heightened by its Honed finish that reinvents this outstanding classic.

504 Lumena

Lumena from the new Porcelain collection features a pearl-white backdrop crisscrossed with crackling dark grey veins that rush over the illuminated shell-like surface with blushed undertones. These undertones imprint a dynamic dimension heightened by the Honed finish in a unique design that is truly innovative.

501 Snowdrift

Snowdrift from the new Porcelain collection is made up of a pure white backdrop that boasts the prestigious look of marble, traversed by delicate veining in golden-brown that floats over its misty base with its translucent quality veiled by a shadowy effect, in a Honed finish. Perfect for modern interior design.

531 Libretta

Libretta from the new Porcelain collection is a white base with a light-grey undertone. Soft feathery greys fray across the surface accentuated by darker streaks and light flashes of white veins, creating a deeply emotive presence.

503 Circa

Circa from the new Porcelain collection is another pure white base that is dominated by bold light-grey veining in varying volumes, from dramatic strokes outlined by heavier tones to hints of soft greys that are finely etched in the background, creating profound depth that catches the eye.

506 Mirabel

Mirabel from the new Porcelain collection is a veiled surface that compromises an ivory base mixed with washed clay in a bold and complex metamorphic structure. The design is densely traversed by wide charcoal and grey veins that float across it like clouds with copper accents, creating the opaque depth of hard marble with the soft translucency of alabaster, in a Honed finish.

502 Sleet

Sleet from the new Porcelain collection features prominent slanted bands of white and off-white interplaying over a mist of graphite-grey lines. They are then dominated by slightly thicker golden-brown steaks that stretch across the surface, quietly building a minimal design in layers of elegant simplicity.

413 White Ciment

White Ciment from the new Porcelain collection is a whitewashed surface softly echoing the patina of concrete and covered with a hazy imprint of a subtle mesh, cloud-like in its warm white presence yet highly tactile and raw in Ultra Rough finish.

505 Archetta

Archetta from the new Porcelain collection features a soft ivory-white base subdued by a striking flow of grey veins that dissolve into the stone. The veins are accentuated by muted green and yellow crystalline layers for an authentic mineral effect, capturing the clouded translucency of marble, in a Honed finish.

412 Beige Ciment

Beige Ciment from the new Porcelain collection is a creamy-beige backdrop that balances the texture presence of weathered stones, building up the surfaces in tender layers to create a natural and neutral-toned warm concrete, in Ultra Rough finish.

580 Fume

Fume from the new Porcelain collection is an energetic beige base with cream-coloured veining rippling across it. There’s a misty appearance of opaque minerals that create a rich frothy feeling in the overall look of this unique slab with a general marbling effect that is both opulent and soft, in Honed finish.

512 Transcenda

Transcenda from the new Porcelain collection features dramatic marbling and bold veining in an organic aesthetic of dusted grey clusters surrounded by whiter areas.

410 Aluminous

Aluminous from the new Porcelain collection is a light, neutral surface that captures the look of fresh cement, bumpy and slightly uneven, contrasted by fine-grey grains and a soft stony appearance that adds a rocklike texture, transforming it into a cloudlike haze wrapped in the tactility of an Ultra Rough finish.

513 Striata

Striata from the new Porcelain collection features a smoky grey base weathered like a rock and fossil-like, a geological landscape that comes to life as a surface. The strong earthy presence is reflected in a complex structure of fine dark veins at the centre alongside more prominent lines in other parts. The design is emphasised by patina stains, rusted silt, chalky-white streaks, and burnt orange markings, in an Ultra-Rough finish.

533 Silverdrop

Silverdrop from the new Porcelain collection is a lush pearl grey base that is softened with a pattern and multiple layers of gentle bluish undertones. It is then delicately touched by the dynamic depth of its feathery seafoam veining and subtle dark grey shadows that are tinged with earthy traces and sage accents, in Honed finish.

411 Concrita

Concrita from the new Porcelain collection is the feel of concrete combined with the rugged aspects of stone, layered with various shades of greys designed to add the textured structure of a rock mixed with the streaky look of raw cement, in an Ultra Rough finish.

540 Monumental

Monumental from the new Porcelain collection is an elephant grey base, with soft off-white markings combined with a stone’s oxidised aspects, rough grain, and dark-grey veining that form the organic textural patterns that are found in natural stone. The finish is Ultra Rough.

516 Locura

Locura from the new Porcelain collection is made up of dark greys with warm brown accents. The tiny flecks and oxidisation effects capture the aesthetic impurities of natural stone, while white organic veins mixed with finer chalky lines give direction and dramatic impact, in a Honed finish.

220 Magnate

Magnate from the new Porcelain collection is a calm and fresh interpretation of slate, stippled with small clay-coloured grains and dark-grey flecks mixed with light silvers that recreate the fine granularity of stone, in an Ultra Rough finish.

302 Metallio Black

Metallio Black from the new Porcelain collection is a graphite-toned base, with a smoky patina swelling over it like mist. Greens and yellows are infused through the charred metallic backdrop with the essence of industrial metals, in a Honed finish.

511 Smokestone

Smokestone from the new Porcelain collection is a midnight-black base showered with chalky-white lines that strike light lightening, interlaced with finer veins that move across its emotive black base. This stone is also layered with the earthy impurities of crystallin textures that evolve over time in natural marble, in a tactile Ultra-Rough finish.

510 Impermia

Impermia from the new Porcelain collection is a dramatic black base, passionately animated by silvers of lines like lightning across a stark midnight sky, in a Honed finish. Combined with inverted slabs, a vivid juxtaposed motion gains even more power.

130 Darma

Darma from the new Porcelain collection is an intense black base with special depth and added mystery unveiled by its distilled monochromatic hue and contemporary style, accentuated by a Honed finish.


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