How a Dark Kitchen Design is Practical for Family Life3 min read

The hub of the home is the kitchen and we spend the most time in there! The kitchen isn’t just somewhere to cook nowadays, they’re a hive of socialising and a place we relax in too. Naturally, this room deals with lots of wear and tear so we need it to withstand lots of activity and foot traffic.

In this blog, we talk about how a darker kitchen can bring enhanced practicalities and benefits to family life.

Disguising mess

Dark interiors that feature dark work surfaces, cabinetry and flooring act as an optical illusion and are great for disguising any mess before you have the time to clean them up. This type of design is useful for bustling family life when it’s difficult to stay on top of the never-ending chaos. We love it though right? Darker surfaces also reduce the visibility of those scattered crumbs and accidental spills left by those cheeky children.

The ideal material

When you are at the stage of choosing materials for your kitchen, you want hard-wearing and durable surfaces, such as a quartz worktop or granite. The quality of construction is important, so, therefore, invest in quality products that will give your kitchen greater longevity. In the long run, less money will be spent on upkeep and maintenance, or even the replacement of fittings that have become damaged.

Our pets

Have you got a family pet, we love pets here at Cawdor. They do bring us a bit of mess and dirt to our homes, with their muddy paw prints, but we will always forgive them. Opting for darker colours helps to disguise the dirt bought in from outside and the shedding fur.

Styling and using our personality throughout

Just because you have a family shouldn’t compromise on the aesthetics of the interior. Implementing darker colours into the family home offers warmth and character. Choosing a dark kitchen perfectly combines practicality with a statement look, creating an ambience in a space that you spend the most time in. There are many paint companies out there that give advice and beautiful rich colours that can be hand-painted onto the cabinets or on the walls.

Will you embrace a sumptuous palette with rich tones or lighten the look by painting higher elements?

Adding the personal touch

The whole kitchen doesn’t have to be dark, you can add a personal touch by adding accessories and hardware in darker colours to add a touch of luxury. Matte hardware can replace stainless steel taps and handles can be replaced with brushed brass. There are many appliances on the market that feature a black gloss finish – this can tie in with your dark theme too.

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