How to choose the right sink for your stone worktops4 min read

Complement your kitchen’s worktops with the right sink, whether you have granite, marble or quartz counters, our experts are here to help you make the perfect decision. Below you will find our simple guide to help you decide on what sized sink, shape, material and fittings to go for, in order to keep your worktops and kitchen looking flawless.

The right size and shape of sink to complement your kitchen


  • Large – one large, deep single sink is ideal for soaking pots and pans, useful for big families that will use lots of kitchenware for prepping food.
  • Two basins (different sizes) – this type of sink enables you to multitask, allowing you to peel your vegetables and soak your casserole dishes at the same time. However if you opt for two basins in different sizes then it can be hard to fit in those large pans to soak.  
  • Two basins (same size) – a 50/50 sink is ideal for those who like to share tasks, whilst someone does the washing, another can peel the carrots. A same sized double basin is ideal for speeding up those everyday tasks.
  • Three basins – are not necessary for most homes but two large basins can come in handy, along with a middle sink just for waste disposal. These sinks, as you can imagine are perfect for chefs, however if you do fancy a three basin sink, you could save time and dispose of this waste with little effort, whilst also caring for the environment.


  • Round sinks – if you’re looking for something a bit different to your usual rectangular sink then a round sink might be the one for you. A round sink is ideal for small kitchens as they do not take up much space and, like the sinks mentioned above, there are 1, 1.5 or 2 bowls available to cater to your kitchen requirements.

kitchen sink

Types of sinks and fittings that work well with granite, marble and quartz

Stainless steel
Count on this type of sink to offer maximum durability and versatility because they won’t scratch easily and work well with a variety of kitchen worktops. Although they’re a more lower budget solution, they can look dazzling in the right kitchen.

Belfast/farmhouse sink
These big, deep basins are the most traditional sinks out there. Installed for their vintage look and their desirable apron front, they can be combined with any new granite, marble or quartz counter, and together they could really give your kitchen that ‘wow’ factor.

These sinks were built for the utmost comfort and accessibility, as well as their interesting and flawless aesthetics. Belfast sinks are fitted just underneath the lip of the worktop and sit marginally over the bottom of the lower cabinets. The idea is that, should the sink overflow, the design will carry the spillage to the floor rather than onto the cabinets to protect your made-to-measure kitchen.

Although the ceramic style of sink is similar to the Belfast, they’re up and coming for many contemporary homes. This style doesn’t dent and they allow for seamless fittings and not to mention they’re heat and stain resistant too, and work well with all types of worktops but looks best with stone counters.

These sinks tend to go with granite countertops as they look very much like granite, but are cheaper than the real thing. They are difficult to scratch or dent and they do not stain easily. Composite sinks come in varied sizes and colours but can be damaged by strong chemicals, if you’re not careful with cleaning products.

Undermounted sinks
An undermounted sink allows the kitchen’s worktops to run endlessly, giving the illusion that your kitchen is bigger and it’s a great way to keep your granite worktops looking neat and glamorous. Undermounted sinks are ideal because they do not collect dirt around the rim, as it’s hidden underneath the worktops. Undermount sinks also give you the flexibility to save space but they do require to be fitted under a heavy, weight-bearing countertop like stone.

This type of sink is placed over the top of the counter, ideal for soft marble countertops as it helps to protect the edges and surface. It is also cheaper than undermounted and can be fitted quickly and easily, however your cleaning regime must be thorough, as dirt can collect quickly within the seams.

If you’re looking to change your worktops or you’re restyling your kitchen, count on our experts here at Cawdor Stone Gallery to offer you friendly advice and professional services. Should you be unsure what material worktop to install, whether that’s granite, marble or quartz, speak to our team who are ready talk you through your options. Ask us anything, we will give you honest advice to ensure you invest in the best.  

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