In More Detail – Black Fusion Granite1 min read

In order to create something unique and quirky, our client chose the Black Fusion granite to complete their hub of the home in Letchworth. They wanted a granite that was bold, colourful and durable and added instant drama to their home, and felt this was the best choice – we certainly agree.

Black Fusion Granite is from Brazil with a pristine and majestic look defining the gorgeous natural stone. Each row of the sparkling crystals is contained in a blend of whites, orange and ochre tones, with accents in all myriad of purposes of usage, whether inside or outside. Featuring a deep black base and white and orange tones, this stone will certainly become an instant focal point.

Textured in appearance yet boasting a luxurious smooth finish that’s both heat and scratch resistant, granite is renowned for its hygienic properties, especially the Black Fusion.

The layout of the kitchen is positioned in particular areas to utilize the space where we could use different slabs for the separate parts to create the best effect.

This shot shows the breakfast bar with longer veins running through the surface.

Whereas the sink area features more bronze/orange pieces. We added upstands and drainer grooves to complete the look.

We love how the colours run through the edges!

Look at how wonderful this stone looks in this kitchen design.

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