How to incorporate a kitchen island into your design plans4 min read

kitchen Island

We all dream about owning the perfect kitchen, like the ones we see in showrooms. Where the island seems to stretch for miles and the worktops are so glossy that you can see your own reflection.

This month Cawdor Stone will discuss how to incorporate an island into your design plans. If you’re considering a re-do or simply want to add an island to your kitchen, you’ll need to consider the positioning, storage capabilities, hard wearing tops and potential seating possibilities. As the kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, it’s important that the addition of an island is there to improve the flow and efficiency, rather than taking away from it, to provide you and your family the perfect aid to your routine.

Things to consider when adding a kitchen island to your kitchen design plans

What will it be used for?
Many people would not think twice about having a kitchen without an island, because they’ve had one previously and would feel lost without it, while some want to incorporate an island to make the most of all the extra storage space that it can provide. Others host lots of parties and choose to turn their island into a bar, whilst families use it as part of their dining/living area. A kitchen island is so versatile that more and more homeowners are following suit – what will you use your island for? This is the question to carefully consider.

What features will enhance your kitchen?
Keep it consistent when you implement a new island by matching it with the rest of the decor so it complements your kitchen seamlessly. Invest in a durable and attractive granite, quartz or marble countertops to complete the luxurious design of your kitchen. As a heavy traffic area in the home, the kitchen can experience a great deal of use, and the worktops in this room are no different. As such, it’s important to make the right decision when choosing between different worktop materials and make sure it is finished to the highest quality.


You want to make sure that you don’t ignore the space you already have. Obstructing the original work surface area can lead to trips in the kitchen and can limit the space. This will not only make your kitchen look smaller than it really is, but can negatively impact the functionality and convenience that an island should primarily provide.


granite kitchen island


Storage capacities

Extra storage is always a bonus; in this day and age there’s a device for everything in the kitchen. Big and bulky items can live under your island, allowing for maximum storage whilst freeing up the worktops. If you want half and half then you can have one side for storage and the other for a seating area. With an extended worktop, you can sit properly underneath the island, and when the chairs aren’t in use, they can be neatly stored underneath to maintain a tidy kitchen.



Your counter goes through great deal of use, so it’s worthwhile investing in something that’ll not only look great but will last for many years to come. Keep your kitchen looking uniform with the same cupboards throughout and make a statement with a luxurious glossy granite, natural stone or a glitzy quartz worktop. These materials are extremely hardwearing and modern, there’s no doubt, it’ll be the perfect finish to your kitchen island. These materials are great to work with because you get a long lasting material and a huge variety of colours to choose from!


Go on, turn your vision into a reality when you design your ideal kitchen by incorporating an island that’ll not only look amazing, but provide you with a kitchen that could last a lifetime. Enjoy sitting around the island for family meals, throwing dinner parties for friends and be the host you’ve always wanted to be when you let these all be the reason to show off the kitchen of your dreams.


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