Keeping a Hygienic Kitchen – 6 Considerations2 min read

The importance of hygiene is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping the family safe. There are a few simple considerations and forward planning during the design process that can be implemented, making it easier to clean and time-saving further down the line.

Let’s design a hygienic kitchen which is effortless to maintain.

The worktop material matters

When planning your kitchen, it’s important to consider practicality as well as the design. A kitchen is a place where high traffic and use are seen every day and the demand is put on the materials. You need to choose the material wisely, either a Quartz or Granite worktop is hygienic and easy to maintain and clean.

Simple splashbacks

How about connecting your worktop upwards to create a focal point? A splashback made from the same stone will truly combine function and form.

Cabinetry that’s easy to clean

Opt for simple flat-fronted, wipeable cabinets as these are much easier to clean. Modern gloss cabinets are also a good choice. However some of you may be after a traditional style, this is also easy to clean, but choose a hard-wearing paint to be hand-painted onto the cabinets.

Choose smart appliances

There are lots of smart appliances on the market today that are designed and built with self-cleaning functions that will take the strain out of your cleaning efforts. Even simple designs such as smooth-surfaced induction hobs are much easier to clean that an intricate gas hob.

Correct flooring choices

This is another design element that you have to be mindful of, as you need to choose something that is hard-wearing, low maintenance and easy to clean. Ironically through the principles of interior design, the darker the floor the better as it disguises the build-up of dirt, but in fact the lighter the flooring the better, as the more consistently we spot spills and clean, germs and bacteria aren’t given the opportunity to accumulate.

Intelligent storage solutions

Another great idea for keeping the kitchen clean is to line the cupboards and drawers as this will increase their longevity and make them much easier to clean. Being clever with storage will mean that more items can be carefully stored as opposed to cluttered, dust and crumb-casting surfaces.

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