Kitchen gadgets to make you a top chef3 min read

With a quality kitchen comes quality products to make everyday food preparation both fun and easy. Whether you consider yourself to be a top home-chef or have been wanting to experiment with new recipes and exciting new gadgets – consider yourself in the right place. We’re here to share the latest kitchenware that’ll help you to accomplish quick, healthy meals.

Milk frother

Have your favoured coffee anytime of day without leaving the house. Milk frothers are ideal for all types of rice milk, soy milk, oat milk and cow’s milk – so whether you’re partial to a cappuccino, latte, macchiato, mochaccino or flat white – you can have freshly warmed and frothed milk to enhance your drink experience.

Smart garden

…wait, what? If you don’t have the time for green-fingered pursuits but get excited about the idea of having your very own fresh herbs that haven’t been left in the fridge from last weeks shop – then you might just be interested in the smart garden. This device consists of a small container which monitors hydration levels and provides enough sunlight for your fresh produce to thrive. You can grow up to 6 plants in pods without soil and it takes up to 6 weeks for them to be harvest-ready.

Pasta maker

If you have pasta a couple of times a week, a pasta maker might just take your love for the food to the next level. Pasta makers are fun, easy to use, encourage eating fresh and an ideal way to get the whole family involved. Making dinner time a social event can create lots of fond memories and educate children along the way. The great thing about making your own pasta is that you can add all the herbs and spices you like, choose your preferred flour and shape – whether that’s spaghetti, tagliatelle, spirals, sheets, or ravioli – it’s up to you.

Pineapple slicer and wedger

Make easy work of the laborious task of slicing and dicing a tasty pineapple. Treat yourself to your favourite fruit whenever you fancy it with a pineapple corer, slicer and wedger. This device works like a corkscrew, simple turn and press downwards to create your very own pineapple rings. If you want chunks, simply press down on the cutting stencil.

Non-slip chopping board block 

Keep your worktops scratch-free, stain-free and tidy with the use of a chopping board block. A great way to keep them all together without taking up too much room in your cupboards. Prevent cross-contamination with colour-coded boards and make your space-saving decision a statement in the kitchen.

  • Red – raw meats
  • Green – fruit and vegetables
  • Blue – fish
  • White – cooked foods

Cross contamination chopping boards - red, green, white and blue


Get fancy in the kitchen and use it to its utmost potential – a kitchen isn’t just there for show it’s for practicality too – so use it! To upgrade a tired kitchen, invest in quality that’ll last the test of time and call Cawdor Stone Gallery. We supply and install quality products and offer a price match guarantee for like-for-like materials. We work throughout a number of locations including: Barnet & North London, Bedford, Bishops Stortford, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Hertford, Luton, Potters Bar, St Albans, Welwyn Garden City and beyond.