Kitchen Paint Colours for 20244 min read

Many kitchen paint colours are feeling a little outdated, so what colours could we use instead?

Adding colour to the kitchen with paint is an easy way to add style and personality to the space. It’s all about getting it right, and if you do get it wrong, you could risk ruining the heart of your home.

At the start of a kitchen project, the colour should be the first thing to consider. Paint lends itself to both the classic looks of the traditional kitchen and the crisp modern designs. The choice of colours is almost limitless, allowing you to express yourself and complete the traditional or modern look of the kitchen.

Interior trends are always changing in popularity just like paint colours so we have put together a guide below, using the colour wheel to help you find a colour scheme that’s perfect for you and your home.

What kitchen paint colours are we leaving behind in 2023 and what ones are we saying hello to in 2024?

Change a deep red for a subtle pink

Red is quite a strong colour for the kitchen.

We all know pink has been hot this year due to the “Barbie” movie and it continues into 2024 in the kitchen design world. It’s a colour that promotes health and vitality and can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. Choosing a warm pink lends sophistication to a scheme and is a versatile hue that can highlight any accent colour in the room.

Replace the famous grey trend with beige or taupe

Grey isn’t the most favoured colour when it comes to kitchen cabinets, beige is now the new neutral in interior design. A beige kitchen can add warmth and elegance to the heart of the home and can work with all the seasons.

Neutral, earthy shades range from cream limestone shades to greyish-browns of weather oak.

Switch white for a happy yellow

White has always been a favoured option in the kitchen as it’s so versatile. However, this hue is no longer the desirable kitchen trend it once was. These days, designers and homeowners are looking at mood-boosting colour schemes and we now see yellow in the spotlight for 2024. Yellow is one of the most uplifting colours there is, so it’s not surprising that it’s having a renaissance.

Yellow brings warmth and sunshine to every corner of a kitchen that’s filled with natural light. You can soothe a yellow with cool, calming tones such as greys and pale, muted blues.

What is the space you are wanting to create? Are you wanting a fun place to be? Stronger sunnier hues will offer more high-octane energy, which is imporatant for a busy family kitchen.

Swap navy for cobalt

We believe navy blue will always be a popular choice in the home, but lately, interior designers have been looking at other variations of blue to bring in the hub of the home. The blue hue that is set to be 2024’s kitchen paint colour is ocean blue.

We love to take ourselves to those sandy Caribbean shores with the alluring aquamarine hues of the sea, glistening teal tones from the pebbled Mediterranean beaches and the inky blues of the Atlantic waters. All these types of blues offer a versatile spectrum for decorating those beautiful contemporary kitchens.

Choose pastels instead of dark and moody colours

Dramatic spaces that feature dark kitchen cabinets were once upon a time considered the best paint palette – they gave off a strong and bold character that would grace homes. For upcoming trends of 2024, we have done a full circle and now welcoming back the pastel hues that previously graced 1950s kitchens.

Pale sugary shades such as peaceful pinks and blissful blues will give modern kitchens an illusion of space and create a restful atmosphere in the home which homeowners love.

Pastel colours are characterised by their soft, muted and light appearance. They are a charming alternative to neutrals or dark shades and can give added life to a room without being overpowering.


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