New Colours of Diresco1 min read

Diresco quartz composite is a unique mix of quartz granules, resins and colour pigments. Brought perfectly into balance to create a stunning, hardwearing, sustainable product.

Diresco Stone is the ideal solution for worktops that will be used extensively. The colour spectrum is extensive with classic colours to trendy designs that feature flecks and striking veins for a marble effect.

Below we look at some of the new colours of Diresco.

Risotto Black

Risotto Black by Diresco is a black base with specks and flecks of lighter and darker hues throughout the surface. It offers a sophisticated and minimalistic finish to any project.

Noblesse Blue

Noblesse Blue by Diresco features a black backdrop with chalky white veins flowing through the surface with scattered grains.

Noblesse Fog

Noblesse Fog by Diresco is a cloudy grey tone with a striking white vein that flows through the surface. Speckles in a darker grey are found scattered too.

Noblesse Sand

Noblesse Sand by Diresco is a dark sand colour with a striking vein flowing through the surface with scattered grains.

Noblesse Black

Noblesse Black by Diresco consists of a pure black background with chalky prominent veins.

Noblesse White

Noblesse White by Diresco is a pure white base with gorgeous striking light grey veins flowing from bottom to top.

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