New Colours of Quartzforms – The Planet Collection2 min read

Quartzforms use cutting-edge technology to manufacture natural stone into an unrivalled versatile, resistant and easily maintained product. They are a leading specialist in the manufacture of versatile quartz, with a respect for maintaining environmental standards.

There are many colours, tones and finishes to choose from to suit every style, and is a stain and scratch-resistant surface ensuring a lasting finish.

The planet collection by Quartzforms is made with a harmonious colour range that’s enriched with elegance through the veining inspired by natural stone. They are unique, unrepeatable and attractive surfaces for extraordinary, everyday luxury, especially within a kitchen design.

They have just added 4 new colours to this collection – we look at them below.

Interstellar Cloud

Interstellar Cloud by Quartzforms includes a uniform white background, with a fine grain and long grey veins in three shades running throughout the surface.

Interstella expanses are permeated with a subtle, light substance, the same one that creates the stars. With the imperceptible veining, vibrant and expressive appearance the Interstellar Cloud colour offers a surface with defined contours, reflecting ambient lighting and expanding our perception of space.

Honey Galaxy

Honey Galaxy by Quartzforms has a uniformed white background, with a fine grain and long grey and orange veins flowing through the surface.

The uniform veining of Honey Galaxy seems to show us an ideal horizon. This surface offers a strong aesthetic appeal that’s ideal for both contemporary and classic spaces. A distinctive covering to enhance and make contexts unique.


Tempel by Quartzforms consists of a uniformed white background, with a fine grain and long grey and orange veins striking throughout the surface.

This unprecedented surface is pure and unique that is the exaltation of the umpteenth astral discovery. The straight anthracite and orange veins are the results of precise stratifications that are inspired by natural geological dynamics.


Halley by Quartzforms is made up of a black background, with a fine grain and long white and orange veins.

The slab was named after it was inspired by the anticipation of the event – the luminous trail of Halley’s comet cyclically cutting through outer space. The deep black background is crossed by a lightening line of veining that reflects light, surprises and lets us admire it. An unexpected expression of elegance that catches the eye beautifully.


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