*NEW* Quartzforms Ocean Collection3 min read

Quartzforms have pondered the mysteries of the celestial sphere with the Planet Collection, contemplated lush woodlands with the Forest Collection and now their imagination is drawn to the expanses of the ocean.

The Ocean Collection is created from the depth of the abyss and the hypnotic sound of waves deep within the ocean. These impressions have inspired Quartzforms to create a collection of expressive and luminous slabs. Contemporary yet timeless, enhancing the environments in which they are placed with a new light. A valuable resource for prestigious and innovative interior design projects.

Quartzforms use cutting-edge technology to manufacture natural stone into an unrivalled versatile, resistant and easily maintained product. They are a leading specialist in the manufacture of versatile quartz, with a respect for maintaining environmental standards. There are many Quartzforms designs available that will suit your space whether it’s modern or traditional.

This quartz worktop company was founded in 1981 when Domenico Luigi Scapin put his expertise in processing stone for the building industry to good use and immediately realised its potential. Quartzforms made its debut in 2010 and over the years the production processes have constantly developed, with the title of now the best-engineered stone on the market.

Let’s take a look at the new colours in the Ocean collection.

Midnight 5005 – The sea can hypnotize

Midnight from the Ocean collection is a deep, black stone illuminated by white veins varying in thickness, from narrow to wide and tracing an undulating pattern of marking that evokes the age-old action of time. This stone is perfect for projects that are inspired by formal elegance, and classic and contemporary styles.

Arctic 5010 – Every drop in the ocean counts

Arctic from the Ocean collection is white in colour, a deep compact slab that brings unique luminosity to interiors. It is adorned with an elegant pattern of grey veins, alternately finer or thicker, that attract and capture our attention, like the line created by waves on sand. This design reflects the great mastery achieved by Quartzforms® in processing quartz agglomerate and interpreting nature and its gifts.

Lagoon 5015 – Sky above, sand below, peace within

Lagoon from the Ocean collection consists of a luminous background crossed by an impressive pattern of fine grey-green veins. It recalls fine, classic style marbles, given a decorative, contemporary twist. Like all Quartzforms® slabs, it can be used to clad walls, floors and any other surface in rooms, bringing luminosity, elegance and uniqueness to every space.

Reef 5020 – The voice of the sea speaks to the soul

Reef from the Ocean collection features fine dark red veins that alternate with more fleeting ones in a delicate grey colour with golden shimmering effects. They both create a refined texture that interrupts and embellishes the pearly white background, rich in depth. This skilful interpretation of natural stone, evoking classic Breccia Capraia marble is perfect for architects and interior designers to make their projects unique.

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