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The Big Green Egg began its story in 1974 when American founder Ed Fisher started importing mushikamados (egg-shaped ceramic rice steamers) from Japan. Impressed by the temperature control, airflow and lower fuel consumption offered by their closed system, Ed was immediately convinced that the same form could be successfully applied to a barbecue.

One of Fisher’s friends, who worked at the faculty where lightweight, heat-resistant ceramics were developed for NASA space shuttles, helped him identify the perfect material for the EGG’s shell and a high-tech factory capable of producing them. The brand really took off after this. Then in 2001, Big Green Egg arrived in Europe. Fast forward the years, the range and sophistication of the EGG and its accessories have grown considerably, but the commitment to excellence and innovation has remained unchanged.

Refining the BBQ – the Big Green Egg is more than a grill. Cook pizza, paella and pulled pork as well as the perfect steak.

Become a better cook

You can become a better cook with an EGG. You have the power to cook restaurant-quality food every time. It’s foolproof and reliable and it will make your feel good! You don’t need to be a chef to unlock the power of the Big Green Egg either. Once you’ve nailed the basics, people will think you’re a pro.

Cook absolutely anything

You can cook anything you can dream of with the EGG. The EGGs are individually crafted by artisans, using NASA-grade ceramics. It’s the secret as to why the EGG works so perfectly. The ceramics can withstand all weather conditions and retain heat beautifully. They create the perfect environment for slow cooking, baking and more. Do you want to slow-roast a whole pig for 24hrs? Do you want to bake a cake? The EGG allows you to do it all. You’ll never want to use a regular over again – which is good, as the EGG will last you a lifetime.

A Lifetime Investment

There are three sizes of EGG to choose from. The XL is for multi-dish meals or larger gatherings, the Large is for family meals and everyday cooking and the MiniMax is for smaller groups, taking on the road or as a sidekick to another EGG. All three of them are built to the exact sky-high specifications.

But the experience doesn’t stop when you’ve bought an EGG. In fact, getting your EGG is just the beginning. This is a lifetime, life-changing investment.


Roast a chicken or pork belly in your EGG. Heat is deflected around the EGG where you can roast at a stable, even temperature. Think crisp skin, crackling and deliciously moist meat. Perfect for vegetables and whole fish too.

Low & Slow

Take it slow with your cooking. Turn the temperature down, pour a drink and let the EGG do the hard work for you. Slow Cooking is an indirect cooking mode that allows you to break down fats to create tender lamb, succulent pulled pork, brisket, ribs and so much more.


Match the results achieved in a wood-fired oven thanks to the EGG’s ConvEGGtor and baking stone. This means perfectly crisp pizza bases, crusty sourdough loaves, or even a flaky-based Tarte Tatin.


Achieve restaurant-level results with the ability to crank up the heat, and choose from various cooking surfaces and charcoals. Perfect steaks, fish and vegetables can be cooked with this amazing gadget.


Bring the temperature down, add a few woodchips to your charcoal, and watch as the smoke circulates the dome of your EGG. It adds a delicate flavour to a whole host of barbecue favourites, like hot-smoked salmon to a punchy baba ghanoush.

Pan Cooking

Enhance your favourite mid-week chilli or stew, add depth to your weekend eggs and make gravies and sauces, all within the closed dome locking in the flavour.

Dirty Cooking

The charcoal is so good, that you can cook straight on top of it. Forget cooking surfaces – simply add whole vegetables, or even steak directly onto the smouldering embers.


Daniel Clifford, Chef of Midsummer House “I have never come across a barbecue that offers such versatility and control.”

The Big Green Egg Showcased In Some Of Our Outdoor Kitchen Projects

In this outdoor living space, Bianca Eclipsia Quartzite fills the space with such character. 

Here we have the Angola Black granite that perfectly contrasts with the wooden units in this outdoor BBQ area.


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