North-Facing Kitchen Colour Schemes3 min read

A north-facing kitchen has less direct sunshine throughout the day and gets cooler in the evenings. Opt for a warmer tone palette to warm it up and make it feel cosy.

Victorian or Georgian Terraces in London with bedrooms at the front and kitchens at the back, typically means that the sun is received in the morning at the front, whilst later throughout the day, the sun sets at the back of the house. This means that the kitchen will see the sun setting making it perfect to create a wonderful mood when entertaining guests. North-facing rooms receive the least amount of natural lights and due to no direct sunlight, it is generally a cold light that is felt.

When creating a colour scheme in a north-facing kitchen the ideal colours are medium-toned colours with warm undertones, like yellow-based hues and creamy neutrals. These colours will counteract the cold light that enters and introduces the warmth that is missing. There is so much choice when it comes to looking at a medium-toned palette and it is down to personal taste, period of the house and the mood you want to set. Another great option is white kitchen cabinets contrasted with a warm wall colour.

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White kitchens

Choosing the correct white is important for this type of room. The effect can make your kitchen look actually smaller if you were to choose the furniture, worktops and wall colour in white. The perfect white is one with a yellow or creamy base.

The kitchen cabinetry can come in an array of colours and finishes to make a north-facing kitchen perfect. Choose a warm based natural colour to make the room feel warmer.

Choose dark colours

With the right undertone within the dark colour, this colour actually makes your north-facing room appear bigger. Earthy tones with a warm undertone are perfect, for example, an orange, red or brown wall. Bolder colours do work however, it’s important not to go too dark, as the lighting qualities in the room may not support the colour. Dark walls should always be contrasted with cabinetry and furniture that’s in a light hue, whereas light wall colours will work well with both dark and light furniture.

If you do love dark colours for your kitchen, don’t let this put you off. Dark colours chosen on the base units are perfect as these do not sit at eye level. If the dark colour sits at eye level it can overwhelm the units below. In a spacious kitchen, this can work as you will have enough space.

You may choose to create a pleasing contrast with some neutral or lighter tones. Other colours to consider for kitchen wall units are warm earthy undertones such as a cashmere, grey or gold bronze. Warm wood can also be highly effective for a north-facing kitchen.

Improve the natural light

You can improve the natural light in your kitchen with a skylight or glass roof lantern, it can be expensive but totally worth it! The kitchen is used in everyday life for tasks and entertaining and light is a very important factor to consider. It will be the perfect room for those summer nights and creating a warm vibe throughout the summer.

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