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Trends come and go, but what we really want in our kitchens is something that we will be happy with for years to come. Kitchen worktops aren’t cheap, so if we’re investing in quality, style and durability – we need something that will always look as good as new. This is why Cawdor Stone Gallery are here, to help you choose a worktop colour that will stand the test of time.



First and foremost, white worktops will always look fresh and clean when maintained well but be warned, this contemporary make your kitchens look bigger than they really are. Pure white worktops will reflect all light that enters the room and open up every corner – creating the illusion of a larger, airier space.

White worktops are incredibly desirable because they’re easy to dress with any coloured appliances and can be personalised easily by the next homeowner, should you be looking to sell. White worktops offer your home an effortless elegance, and a luxurious sheen finish.

When furnishing a white kitchen, you have the option to choose between lots of colours, including black, brown, grey and beige. As for your appliances, you may wish to add a pop of colour using a theme such as red or green, for example.

white stone worktops




The monochrome look has always remained popular and stylish, so if you’re looking for an impressive ‘wow’ factor in your home, choose black countertops and pair them with cream or silver. Accent your tops with stainless steel appliances and add some shine to your black surfaces.

Black countertops are ideal for kitchens that are already big because they do have the tendency to absorb the light and make the room look smaller, therefore it won’t be as noticeable. This being said, with white painted walls and black worktops, your kitchen will look dramatic and expensive.

If you haven’t the time to clean your kitchen meticulously after each use, black worktops are a great choice because the colour will hide most marks which would otherwise be obvious on white countertops.   

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If you’re looking for warmth in your kitchen, select grey countertops. This colour is perfect if you don’t like the idea of white because you don’t have the time for a thorough cleaning regime but a nice in between if you don’t wish to make your kitchen look smaller with the installation of black countertops.

Mixing grey countertops with wood cabinets will bring life to your kitchen, offering ultimate sophistication and style. French grey is a soothing relaxed choice that has always been popular that offers less ‘wow’ but a rustic, shabby chic style. Grey countertops will give your home a beautiful, welcoming finish.

For a spacious and inviting kitchen try white walls, luxurious grey countertops and yellow appliances and let your trendy kitchen be the hub of dining and socialising!

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For a wide variety of high quality granite worktop colours, speak to the professionals here at Cawdor Stone who have a wealth of experience supplying and installing durable and sleek kitchen worktops. All Cawdor products come with a full and genuine 10 year warranty and our turnaround time is a week, but we can work to shorter deadlines to ensure your home and kitchen looks perfect in no time at all… Call today – we offer our services throughout Barnet & North London, Bedford, Bishops Stortford, Hemel Hempstead, Luton and St Albans.