Why are quartz worktops becoming a popular design trend for 2017?3 min read

quartz worktop trends

It’s no wonder quartz worktops are increasing in popularity; they require zero maintenance and offer a much more personalised, modern look to your home. Quartz is the perfect combination of natural stone, resin, polymers and pigments, providing a hard wearing, natural-looking counter top. It is priced competitively and offers a wide range of delightful unique colours and patterns to suit your style.

Why choose quartz?

Quartz worktops have a variety of edging choices, so be reassured that however your kitchen is laid out, we can almost guarantee that corners won’t be cut when installing your stunning tops. Cawdor Stone Gallery prides themselves with their uniform, flawless finishes and would recommend these tops to anyone. Quartz is installed using adhesive and mastic instead of screws, providing fine adjustment and a closer fit.

This being said, quartz is so versatile it can be used for bathroom countertops and even shower walls instead of your usual tiles. This slick product is ideal for bathrooms as it cuts out any grime that typically builds in the grouted joints between tiles.

Modern colours and tones

Feeling exotic? Take a look at our wide range of modern colours and tones that’ll suit all tastes. 2017 has shown an interesting split of customers, either looking for something completely contrasting or a raw rustic from the more natural variety.

For the holiday homes, we recommend the ultimate collection of whites and creams, from traditional whites to duck egg. However, if it’s the glitz and glamour you’ve been bursting to get then our sleek black countertops will be what you’re looking for. Maybe black just isn’t your style but if you still want to feel Hollywood, a ruby red would definitely steal the show. Greys are great for cottages and ideal if you’re hoping for a rustic finish. If you want a beachy, natural pebble/sandy finish we would suggest something from our brown colour palette category.

cawdor stone quartz colours


Like any countertop, prices can vary but you will be pleased to know that our modern alternative to granite and marble provides a much wider range of styles, ranging from budget to luxury. Whatever style you select, you will be supplied with a sophisticated addition that’ll look professional wherever you want it installed.


Cawdor Stone Gallery can appreciate that choosing a kitchen countertop is stressful; with everything that goes on it a kitchen, it’s easy for things to go wrong. What every kitchen needs is a durable, hard wearing, stain resistant surface that you can rely on each and every day. It’s important to choose a material that you can count on to last through the never-ending food splatters, hot pots and pans, and lively dinner parties, and ensure a spotless finish every time, even if the kids have been baking and you’ve been rushing around the kitchen day after day! With quartz, its nonporous feature means you can wipe away any marks with ease and it doesn’t require resealing at all, which is a great plus for your kitchen as mould and bacteria won’t be able to harbour in the worktop.

Cawdor Stone Gallery’s advice

We hope this article has helped you consider quartz as a worktop that may be right for you. If you would like more information or would like have a chat with a friendly adviser then please pick up the phone and get in touch with us today.