Quartz Worktops Care & Maintenance2 min read

Quartz worktops are really easy to keep clean and free from marks using very simple techniques you are already familiar with in your kitchen.

Our cleaning guide (and video below) is intended for use with all quartz worktops available in the UK marketplace, including from the big brands such as Silestone, Cimstone, Caesarstone, Compac, Quartzforms, Technistone, Cambria & many more. These materials are highly resilient to everyday domestic stains due to their non-porous surface.

Daily Cleaning

Your worktops only need to be wiped down each day and after use with a very mild detergent to keep them looking polished and brand new.

We recommend the following method:

  • Use warm water and a microfibre cloth to wipe down the worktop
  • Add some detergent to your cloth or directly to the worktop and using a circular motion clean the worktop further
  • Rinse out your microfibre cloth and wash down the worktop removing any soap/detergent

If you would like to really bring out the polished look of your worktops you could spray on a glass window cleaner and follow it’s instructions after the worktop is dry.

Watch our video below which shows our daily cleaning method being used.

Heavy Duty Cleaning & Stain Removal

Sometimes tougher marks appear when you have left the worktop after use, for example after making a cup of tea there might be a ring left behind. In most cases these can be removed using the daily cleaning method above, however occasionally you might need to follow our heavy duty cleaning guide below

  • Use of a spray-on lift action cleaner is recommended – products such as Cif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray or Cif Ultrafast Kitchen Spray – both of which replace the older product Cif Actifizz which is still available from supermarkets
  • Simply spray on and leave for 2-3 minutes. Leave on longer for harder to remove surface stains
  • A soft scouring pad may be used – however we advise using a microfibre cloth in the first instance
  • Rinse your microfibre cloth and wipe of any excess soap, the products above will leave the work surface looking shiny

Watch our video below which shows our heavy duty cleaning method being used on red wine which had been left for 10 days!