Spring Clean your Kitchen3 min read

The clocks are going forward and we are entering one of the most beautiful months – Spring. During the Spring season, fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the earth seems to come to life again. Temperatures slowly rise and the start of lockdown lifting next week will see us being able to enjoy time in our gardens with loved ones.

One great thing to do in Spring is to declutter and thoroughly clean your home and especially one of the most well-used areas, the kitchen. Put the tunes on and prepare your cleaning checklist. You will certainly create a hygienic and sparkly clean kitchen in no time!

  1. First of all start with the cupboards and drawers. Pull out all of the items and sort them into sections (keep, donate, recycle, or bin). Wipe inside and outside of the drawers and cabinets. If you have glass-fronted cabinets, wipe these clean.
  2. If you are fortunate enough to have a pantry, start by pulling out all the items and throw away any out-of-date food. Donate any unopened food you don’t want and wipe down all the shelving and exterior. Transfer any opened items into airtight jars and containers and label new jars. Clean any storage baskets and place the items back in easy reach and a neat way.
  3. Next to clean is the oven and hob. Carefully remove the oven door and wash and clean the exterior of these appliances. Remove all knobs and grates and clean them. Don’t forget the extractor hood and extraction grills!
  4. Now it’s the worktops! Clear them and sort, clean, and replace anything. Wipe down the appliances on your worktops for example the toaster and microwave. Store away any appliances that aren’t used very often and descale the coffee maker or kettle. Clean your fruit bowls and knife blocks if you have them and wipe down any splashbacks to make them glisten. Granite and quartz worktops are easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting.
  5. The fridge and freezer are the next part. Take out all food from both appliances and bin any out-of-date food. Wipe down the shelves, wash ice cube trays, and put the food back neatly in an organized way. Wipe down the exterior and hoover behind it.
  6. Nearly done… The sink and dishwasher need a clean. Clean the drains, scrub and polish the sink and taps and sort through dishcloths and sponges (these definitely accumulate). Wipe down inside and outside of the dishwasher and empty the food trap. After all this, run the dishwasher empty on a self-cleaning high heat cycle.
  7. Last but not least clean the rest of the kitchen. Mop the floor, clean bins and recycling bins, wash windows and windowsills, dust and wipe down light fittings, wash any cushions or rugs and clean down stools, tables, and islands.


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