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Larders are a flexible storage solution that has become the most lusted after kitchen accessory on the wish list. Today’s kitchens that are being designed and installed incorporate a larder of some sort whether it’s a separate room or a free-standing unit. They are a valuable storage space for those kitchen gadgets, as well as all the cooking essentials. In kitchen design today it’s very popular to have a clutter-free hub of the home, where the worktops are free and the appliances are stored away, also known as a minimalistic style. Today many people are becoming budding chefs and the weekly shops are rising, so adding a kitchen larder to the space is the perfect accessory.

In this blog, we will look at how we can incorporate the larder into the kitchen and how it can be useful to your busy family life.

Where will it fit?

The larder dates back and was typically a large free-standing unit or a small room off from the main kitchen area. Larders are perfect for a larger kitchen if you have the room and prefer a more traditional design. If your kitchen allows for a free-standing unit, you will instantly gain lots of storage in the form of shelving and drawers that are hidden behind a double set of doors.

If your kitchen doesn’t allow for a traditional larder there are more contemporary designs available. Pull-out larders are a perfect option as they blend into the overall design and reveal it’s contents offering more storage room than a normal drawer pack.

Plan out what you are going to store in your larder

Is the larder going to store your ingredients, spices, appliances, utensils and crockery? If you are planning to use it for these essentials, you will need to consider what height you will store each of these items and the size of the items. The larder is designed around you, so if you are planning to store heavy items in there, keep these to the bottom of the unit. An area should also be created for more frequently used items, such as spices, tinned and boxed food and the less frequently used items stored at the top.

How will it fit within your overall design?

Once you have figured out the style of larder you are going to have, you now need to consider how it will fit within your overall design. Do you want the larder to blend in and have the same cabinetry? This type of look is particularly flattering for modern or gloss kitchens, as it gives a sleek and minimalist approach. If your kitchen is more a traditional rustic vibe, a wooden larder would be perfect for this. You could also make it a focal point by painting it in an alternative colour. Handles of a cup or bow style are very fitting to a traditional larder and a stainless steel bar will be perfect for a more modern look.

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