Sultry and Mysterious Black Quartz Worktops2 min read

Black quartz worktops are probably the first thing you start looking into when searching for the perfect countertop. The colour black is most popular in fashion, electronics, cars, home cinema and much more.

Quartz is a very well known and popular style of material. Black is a very versatile colour, working with literally any wall, floor or cabinet colour in your kitchen with ease.

Technistone Taurus Black quartz was installed into our client’s home. A strong black colour with various tones of white and grey fleck. A nice change from the black mirror style, this is more subtle but still gives a luxury high-end finish. Radius corners perfectly match the kitchen radius’ and the cleverly designed central fixed island offers a large amount of worksurface while retaining a wide galley style on one side.

Quartz is believed to be the best material for kitchen worktops. Style, performance and cost are all important factors to consider and quartz worktops deliver a premium look and feel but offer the ultimate in ease of maintenance and longevity too.

The engineered stone is made up of approximately 93% natural quartz mineral, with the remaining 7% made up of fragments, pigments and resins to give the slab overall strength and consistent design.

Benefits of a Quartz countertop:

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • A vast range of colours and styles available
  • Totally sealed and polished surface
  • Scratch and stain resistance
  • Low maintenance and anti-bacterial properties

Some Black Quartz that are available


Gala Black

The Belenco Gala Black is a jet black with subtle crystals throughout. It will add a touch of ‘glitz & glamour’ to any interior space.

Spa Black

The Belenco Spa Black is a deep black with chalky white veins flowing through the surface.


Jet Black

Jet Black from Caesarstone is an exquisite dark surface with a subtle pattern throughout translating a sleek and sophisticated look.

Vanilla Noir

Vanilla Noir from Caesarstone is a rich, ebony-coloured base that dramatically merges solid black, bold beige and vanilla veins.


Twinkle Black

The Quartzforms Twinkle Collection is characterized by its brightness and materic effect, thanks to the content of crystals that gives liveliness to the surface. Black is made up of a black backdrop with stunning sparkles shining through the surface.

Planet Jupiter

The Quartzforms Planet Collection is a thickly veined pattern in the material inspired by an extra-terrestrial landscape. Jupiter is a deep black backdrop with striking crisp white veins flowing through.


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