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Keeping up with modern times, Technistone has expanded its portfolio of colours this year to meet its customers’ demands. They first introduced four new designs at the beginning of the year in Spring to impress you with soft, clean lines and unique patterns – the Calacattas. In late Autumn of 2023, Technistone created another four designs for the Wilsonart collection – a design for every stage of life.

Technistone is a premium quality quartz producer and we are proud to work with this stone. Throughout their many years of experience, research and development, Technistone ranks high among the world’s most important companies in the field of engineered stone production. Their products are inspired by natural beauty.

From their humble beginnings in 1991, they set out to build a manufacturing plant in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic which would be the place to produce high-quality engineered stone using advanced Italian Breton technology, marking a significant milestone in the region’s industrial development. Throughout the years they hit significant milestones and in 2019, they became part of American company Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces.

High durability, easy maintenance and attractive appearance are the main advantages of this engineered stone. All Technistone products are made from natural quartz materials and coloured pigments that are bonded with resin.

In this blog, we look at the eight beautiful Wilsonart designs. Will one grab your attention?


Altamonte has a soft misty background accented by swaths of colour that gracefully transition from creamy white to shades of gold and bronze. It perfectly complements natural materials and muted colours such as beige and cream.

It’s been designed to stand out and provide a stable foundation. The colour scheme within evokes emotions throughout our childhood – joy, comfort and security.

Don’t be afraid to play around with gold accessories too. Having the right combination of materials will give you a room where you’ll feel comfortable from the moment you enter.

Bronze Coast

Bronze Coast is made up of a white base adorned with meandering veins that cascade in varying shades of warm brown, creating a captivating interplay of colours. This stone will help you create the ideal place for spending happy moments that you’ll never want to forget. Grab a glass of red wine and enjoy it with your closest family and friends.

The earthy tones that shine through will particularly make an unforgettable impression on larger surfaces like walls and kitchen islands. If you really want to play with colour, try combining it with dark green components. To perfectly highlight the design, pair it with golden or black accessories.

Calacatta Pastino

Calacatta Pastino is full of an icy beauty that evokes peace and harmony. It’s an elegant stone that brings balance to an interior and can be adapted to any design trend.

The unique appearance embodies elegance, tranquillity and harmony, combining perfectly well with black or grey accessories. It also complements bolder colours like mauve or fuchsia, so if you want to be daring, go for it!

Calacatta Olympos

Calacatta Olympos is a combination of cool grey and warm brown accents bringing harmony and liveliness to your interior. It can be perfectly matched with glass, metal or wood in many different shades.

This stone radiates the energy you’ll need to climb a mountain ridge.

Calacatta Serchio

Calacatta Serchio has a beautiful structure where its pattern is set against a white base and the veins represent mountain streams that flow through the charming Tuscan landscape. This stunning stone brings freshness and energy to any space.

Look closely at the stone and you will see patterns that resemble tiny bubbles. Calacatta Serchio stands out perfectly in minimalist interiors combined with light, warm wood tones.

Calacatta Volegno

Calacatta Volegno is inspired by natural marble and named after the Italian village of Volegno, capturing all the glory of Italy’s mountain scenery. Its light grey veins have brown edges that stand out beautifully, especially when combined with golden accessories.


Glencoe featured in the Wilsonart collection is a warm neutral colour. It has a slightly translucent marbled background with thin veins in a creamy white. The active fractured appearance is similar to a quartzite stone and can create a calm and peaceful interior.

The design reminds us of all the moments in our lives where we have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries and just some quality time spent with our loved ones. The grace and elegance of this delightful stone will never age, it’s timeless!

Combine Glencoe with golden accents to give any room the air of a timeless classic.

Verde Peak

Verde Peak has a bright white, delicately marbled background that is traversed by grey-green veins in different widths that dart across the surface. The veins vary in tone and value and extend throughout the slab.

This stone’s a reliable choice when you need a bit of purpose and inspiration but with some solid ground under your feet. Like the other designs in the collection, it shows distinct veining.

Set it against dark materials and accessories, such as dark-brown wooden cabinets and black metal hardware.

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