The Different Types of Worktop Edge and How to Choose4 min read

You’ve selected the worktop material, colour, style and thickness and now it’s choosing the profile edge. The worktop is normally one of the first things you choose when designing a new kitchen and it plays an important part in how the kitchen functions, so no aspect of the worktop should be overlooked or compromised.

Homeowners often don’t think of the worktop edge profile, but this small detail can often pull together the entire design. That’s why we have put together the following blog to show you the different edges to help you make the right decision. Our showroom also has a full range of available edges displayed for you to look at and help you on this journey.

What is a worktop edge profile?

A worktop edge profile refers to the specific design and shape of the edges of a kitchen countertop or work surface. The edge profile isn’t just about its appearance, it also plays a role in both the functionality and aesthetics of the worktop. There are many different edge profiles to choose from such as bullnose, ogee, or bevel and each one depends on personal preference, the style of the kitchen and practical considerations, like safety and ease of cleaning.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred worktop, you can then choose your edge profile – you’ll be surprised by the impact they have on the overall aesthetic.

A few of the different edge profiles available

Let’s take a look at the different surface edge profiles that are available.

Dupont Edge

Dupont features a gracefully curved, flowing design that resembles a waterfall. It’s known for its smooth and seamless appearance and can work well in various kitchen design styles.

dupont edge

Bevelled Edge

The gentle slope from the slight angle adds a touch of elegance to classic and traditional kitchens. The bevelled edge profile is a popular choice making it relatively easy to clean in the busy heart of the home.

bevelled edge

Half & Full Bullnose Edge

This type of profile edge is ideal for kitchens with a touch of traditional charm adding a subtle softness. The curved edge on the half-bullnose edge transitions smoothly into a flat, vertical surface on the bottom. The full bullnose edge is complete with rounded curves on both the top and bottom, creating a fully rounded or circular appearance.

Ogee and Double Ogee Edge

The ogee edge profile is a classic and ornate design used for worktop edges featuring a double curve that creates an S-shape. The shape of this beautiful edge creates a play of highlights and shadows that dance across the surface, accentuating the depth of colour and design of your chosen kitchen surface.

The double ogee features two of the S-shape curves, creating a more intricate and decorative profile compared the the standard ogee.

This type of edge profile is perfect for classic and traditional kitchen designs where its graceful curves add a hint of luxury.

ogee edge

Pencil and Double Pencil Edge

The pencil profile is a simple and understated design featuring a slight, rounded curve along the top edge of the worktop. If you choose the double pencil this features rounded curves along the top and bottom of the surface’s edge.

The subtle nature of this finish adds a touch of softness to your kitchen worktops and works best in contemporary styles.

Shark Nose Edge

The shark nose edge is characterised by a smoothly curved, concave shape that resembles the profile of a shark’s nose, hence the name. It gives the worktop an added dimension, making a bold statement and is ideal for both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

You can have the Shark Nose flat too.


Check out our video below where James shows us all the options we have available here at Cawdor Stone.

A waterfall design

Why finish the worktop at cabinet height? The waterfall edge can elevate your kitchen island making it a statement piece in the heart of the home. It’s where the countertop extends vertically down the sides, creating a continuous flow that resembles a “waterfall”. You can really show off the depth and movement of the veins if you were to choose a veined surface.

A superb choice for a sleek and modern aesthetic.


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