The Family Kitchen – Why Quartz is a Firm Favourite3 min read

The kitchen is the heart of the family home, it’s a multi-generational and multi-purpose space, so it’s important to provide a practical and safe environment for everyone. You also want it to look good, right?

There are many things to add to the modern family kitchen and if you’re in the market for kitchen improvements, check out quartz worktops. Of course, there are many different materials to use as a worktop, but quartz surfaces are a firm family favourite and we look at why below.

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Why a quartz worktop for your family kitchen?


As one of the hardest stone materials, Quartz is extremely durable, providing a non-porous surface that is resistant to stains, scratches and abrasions. Quartz is a natural mineral stone that’s very close to Diamond in strength and goes through a special patented process to make the slab suitable for fabrication and final installation in your home. Approximately 93% natural quartz features in each slab, with the remaining 7% a high-quality resin bonding.

The results are superb, ending up with a luxurious stone worktop that’s extremely hardwearing and durable. With the advances in technology and manufacturing, the prices for such a luxurious material have fallen in recent years, and you really can transform any kitchen with this fantastic material.

Styles & Colours

You never have to compromise on style with a quartz worktop as there is a fantastic range of colours and finishes available, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whatever your kitchen style is, there’s guaranteed to be a quartz worktop to suit you and your home.

Take a trip down to our showroom where you can see the slabs and samples up close, even taking a sample of Quartz away with you to see how it would look in your room.

Check out our online catalogue of colours and styles, to see what the major manufacturers offer.

Safe Worktops

Having a safe worktop in a family kitchen is the best idea. Quartz is easy to work with, as it can be fabricated with smooth curved edges – reducing sharp cut angles. This is especially important if you have little ones running about.

Quartz can also withstand direct heat, so if you need to put a hot pan down in a hurry, it can be placed safely on the surface without the risk of damage.

Easy Cleaning

Is your work life and home life chaotic? With so many after-school activities, there’s never much time to spare. A quartz worktop requires minimal maintenance, with no re-sealing involved and nothing more than a wipe over with soapy water – they will always look great.

It’s also germ-free. Germs don’t harbour on the surface, so makes it a safe and hygienic option for the kitchen.

The Practicalities

Quartz worksurfaces are highly resistant to stains, meaning that even the kids can run wild and the quartz can still maintain a gleaming white finish.

Great Investment

Are you ready to update your kitchen but don’t want to over-stretch your budget? Choosing a quartz worktop is a great investment. It will last you years to come, look great and is a sensible spend.

Kitchen credit ❤️ @planetfurnitureltd

Photography credit 📸 @_wjphoto

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