Top 10 kitchen trends for 20183 min read

The kitchen is a room that should be updated because it’s a place where we make nutritious meals, teach lifelong skills and grow. So, with the impressive progression of  technology combined with the latest trends, your kitchen can offer you full, personal customisation and convenience alike.  

Things to consider when updating your kitchen to keep in style with the latest trends:

  1. Two-Tones – dark colours are in and to ensure that the kitchen doesn’t look gawdy, the use of a slightly lighter tone of the same colour or white/cream, will help to make your kitchen look ultra-modern. 

    Examples of a colour palette:Burgundy & white
    Dark blue & white
    Charcoal & grey
  2. Coloured appliances – to add a splash of colour to your kitchen, it’s all the rage to go from the stainless steel look we originally loved, to dark plum or mustard colours.
  3. Appliance cupboards – with a spring mechanism to hide away cumbersome kettles and toasters that would otherwise sit on the top of your counters, store them away in a deep cupboard that’ll keep your kitchen uniform and spacious.
  4. Golden touches –  if you wish to keep away from garish colours, golden accents are officially a thing of 2018. Rose golds and brass blends offer your kitchen a warmer touch to your dark grey or black cupboards. These golden touches could include kettles, pans, chopping boards and bins.
  5. LED lights – these are so popular because they add a romantic and soft source of light underneath the kitchen cabinets. They emit almost zero heat and they can remain switched on without affecting the walls or cabinets. LEDs are also more energy efficient than most lights and can modernise your kitchen with ease.
  6. Motion activated taps – with hygiene an important part of kitchen health and etiquette, these taps can revolutionise the way you work whilst in the kitchen, not to mention that they look pretty impressive too. Motion activated taps can help your kitchen regime to be just that bit more fluid.  
  7. Side-opening ovens – why is it that we have lived with an oven that opens towards the floor for such a long time? Side-opening ovens are of course, the safer option that’ll put a stop to bending down and over a hot oven. With a side-opening system you will be able to retrieve food with ease.


  1. Granite – is a trendy worktop to choose for your kitchen for 2018. Their range of colours include luxurious blacks, dark blues, browns, yellows, creams, gold, green, grey, red and white. Granite tops are durable and do not require much upkeep, ideal for those with busy lives and adds convenience to your kitchen. Whether you use your worktops as the lighter or darker tone to your kitchen, granite has you covered.
  2. Quartz – mainly offers neutral, natural colours such as black, brown, cream, grey, white and an unusual but popular, ruby red. For a stylish and stain resistant countertop that’ll set the trend for 2018, offer your kitchen a stunning finish that it deserves.
  3. Marble – offers a diverse selection of breathtaking colours that’ll add a classical, clean touch to your kitchen. The marbled effect and natural stone can give the illusion that the room is much larger than it really is. Marble can be installed with a variety of edges and finishes to best suit your new look for the upcoming year.

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