Transform the Kitchen with Pendant Lighting4 min read

When thinking about your kitchen design, do you want to make an impact? Something that will take centre stage above an island for instance? Pendant lighting does all this in a very simple way.

Make sure you are careful when selecting pendant lights as you don’t want to make the room look cluttered and impractical. It’s a contemporary lighting style, which is suspended from the ceiling that provides spot lighting in the kitchen and can transform the space into that dream hub of the home. There are many style options available that will create beauty and practicality. General rule- the larger the area you want to light, the bigger the pendant should be.

Where to put the pendants

We ask ourselves where are the best places to hang pendant lights? There are many areas in the kitchen where we can add this type of lighting, and the area you choose is to catch the eye of the guest and brighten up the space with a level of light that is required.

You could hang a row of pendants in the centre of the room above the kitchen island to light the worktops. This will give your kitchen mood lighting as well as a very useful task light for food prep and eating. If you are lucky enough to have an open-plan space and there’s a dining table, you could also hang pendant lighting above this, add bulbs with softer lighting for dinner parties to set the mood.


What size pendant?

Pendants work in all sized kitchens, but the overall size of the space has to be considered when selecting the perfect pendant. The height and overall size of the kitchen should dictate to you what size pendant you should be purchasing.

Small and delicate pendants can easily get lost in a larger space but will suit a smaller kitchen perfectly. Larger pendants can make a dramatic style statement, but in a small room, they can dominate the space. If your kitchen has lots of space to offer, larger pendants will look great without overwhelming the rest of the room.


Installing the pendants

Be precise about the measurements when installing those stunning pendants. You need to take into account the size of your kitchen, the location where they will hang and the design of the shade.

  • The bottom of the shade should hang no closer than 30 inches above the kitchen surface and no higher than 36 inches. This will create a low-hanging effect from the lights, allowing you to use the space properly for food prep or the perfect dinner party.
  • If you are hanging more than one pendant in the kitchen, ensure there is a gap of 12 to 18 inches between each light and between the end lights and edge of the surface.
  • With a singular pendant, suspend it in the centre of the surface so it doesn’t look misplaced.

Choosing the right one

Once you have decided where the pendant lights will be hung, then the fun begins choosing them. There is a whole selection to choose from, colours, styles, shapes and sizes, and you are bound to find one to suit your style and personality. This type of lighting is very popular, so there will be one to meet your needs.

Want to add a modern twist with a pendant? Take a vintage style copper one or a glass style and suspend it from the ceiling to give extra light that blends into the room, adding warmth and depth to the design. Large domed light shades will add modern artistry to the room. They are bold in design and come in an array of colours and materials to make a statement, also perfect for a paler shade kitchen. A bundle of pendants will create a real design statement and opt for ones that are at different heights to give that ultimate complexion.


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