Two New Colour’s by Cambria – Born from Nature, Refined by Cambria2 min read

These two new beauties are inspired by nature and refined by Cambria!

Oakleigh and Delamere are the latest innovative designs that have been added to Cambria’s collection, complimenting many materials in the home today. Bold striking veins are seen dispersing through the calming neutral canvases and whimsical wisps of complementary tones delicately enhance the depth of each design.

Nature is the original art form that stirs our emotions and inspires our senses and Cambria Quartz Surfaces have embodied and enhanced these naturally exquisite aesthetics. This refinement has resulted in two new designs Oakleigh and Delamere, where you can harness the elevated beauty of nature and discover a new world of inspired design.

Cambria worktops are made of the finest quartz that are distinctively durable, nonabsorbent, and easy to maintain. They are among the highest concentration of pure quartz to ensure strong, compact slabs. Quartz worktops are stronger than granite countertops and much more durable than marble and are one of the hardest minerals on Earth due to their strength and abundance.

Quartz comes in a range of colours, patterns and tones that make them a versatile option for many interior design styles.

Let’s take a look at Cambria’s new colours in a little more detail.


Oakleigh is up first. A pristine, cool white canvas where the design has been made to embrace Cambria’s design colour of black and gold. The new design shows beautifully fractured understated gold and deep-black veins cascading throughout the surface where the colours look like they are dancing together, something Cambria hasn’t done before.


Juxtaposed to Oakleigh is the rich, bold and regal, Delamere. A soft, almost charcoal, chocolate brown background with high-contrast cool white veins that crackle throughout the beautiful design. Other shades have been added so that the white veins aren’t too bright, intersecting and in a diagonal direction. Full of depth and dimension, perfect for finishing a kitchen design.

Delamere’s sister design is Charlestown. It features the same dark-toned background that’s soft and subtle, giving you the opportunity to play with each of these two designs to create an ultra-unique environment just for you.

Cambria brings the high standards of an American company and the passion of a family-owned business to everything they do. They are dedicated to making and keeping a bold, simple promise that transforms quartz into breathtaking surfaces and exceptional customer experiences.

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