Warmth, Light and Adventure – Cambria’s New Colours2 min read

These four new designs from Cambria invoke journeys taken, moments experienced, and memories created. From cobblestones shimmering in the June rain to digging toes in warm sand swept by the rushing tide, to the ancient peace of a cottage on a green shire, to the still silence of a fiery solstice sunset, these new designs summon up powerful emotions from all around the world.

Cambria is a family-owned, American-made producer of natural and engineered stone surfaces. The quartz surfaces are stain-resistant and non-porous making them completely maintenance-free. The products are designed to provide beauty and elegance for years to come, and the styles and colours range from timeless classics to cutting-edge contemporary.

At Cawdor Stone, we supply quartz materials from Cambria keeping up to date with the latest styles and colours. We are proud to be an approved supplier of Cambria quartz worktops in Hertfordshire.

Below we take a look at the four new colours.

Leabridge™ Satin Ridge Finish

Leabridge is available exclusively in the new Cambria Satin Ridge finish, a distinctive new rich finish with a sensual texture that adds a powerful tactile dimension to the visual sophistication of the design. You will find cool whites and warm honey flowing through the surface, with borders of textured ridges creating an overall look reminiscent of salt flakes.


Sandgate is true to its name, the cool whites and greys evoke the surface of a favourite childhood beach or treasured memory. You will also find hints of silver flecks that make this Cambria stone enticing.


Hemsworth is filled with a high-contrast, deeply saturated black veining that cascades across a cool white background, that intersects with softer veins that pulsate and crackle.


Halewood features abundant swirls and charcoal grey veins all amongst a wheat-toned design. Beige and white accents provide a subtle softness with a crystallized feel adding pleasing depth and dimension to a kitchen design.

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