Why A Calacatta Gold Quartz Worktop?3 min read

Are you looking for a quartz surface, not sure what one to choose, how about a Calacatta Gold? Calacatta Gold is a popular quartz worktop that is known for its famous white background with elegant, wide grey veins and highlights of golden tints. It’s a high-quality material that is resistant to stains and scratches. It’s also the perfect choice for kitchens and homeowners that want a luxurious and elegant look and a material that is easy to care for.

This beautiful and luxurious material is ideal for kitchens and other rooms around the home that want a high-end look. It’s an engineered stone made by combining natural quartz with resins, pigments and other materials to create a hard, durable surface that is resistant to scratches, stains and heat.

One of the main benefits of a Calacatta quartz worktop is its natural, marble-like appearance. There are many colours and patterns to choose from that mimic the look of natural marble including the Calacatta Gold and the Calacatta Classic. However, unlike natural marble, if you choose a Calacatta quartz, it’s a non-porous stone and does not require sealing, making it easier to maintain.

What’s the difference between Classic Calacatta and Calacatta Gold?

The classic Calacatta quartz features mostly a crisp white background with soft grey veins that flow through the surface. A Calacatta Gold quartz has a white background and consists of soft grey veins but has beautiful gold tones that intertwine with the standard veins.

The Calacatta Gold Quartz Worktops We Have Worked With

Silestone Et Calacatta Gold

From the Eternal range, this Silestone stone is made up of a white background through which elegant, wide grey highlights are interspersed with unexpected golden glints.

For this home in Hertford, one of the most desired natural stones was chosen to complete the look of the kitchen design. The kitchen isn’t very big but it didn’t stop our client from choosing something that would be eye-catching. The tones from the luxury quartz worktop complement the different textures and metallics found throughout the room – how beautiful!

Classic Quartz Stone Calacatta Gold

A white quartz where multiple golden veins are seen through the surface. Each golden hint is mixed with the bold greyish veins providing a luxe look for the home.

Kitchen credit ❤️ @planetfurnitureltd

Photography credit 📸 @_wjphoto

For this client in Hertfordshire, we completed their luxury bespoke kitchen with the Calacatta Gold quartz by Classic Quartz Stone. This versatile stone looks bang-on-trend in this style. Special features include a radius edge on the island and a large full-height splashback.

Kitchen credit ❤️ @planetfurnitureltd

Photography credit 📸 @_wjphoto

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