Why Choose XTONE Sintered Surfaces for your next Project?6 min read

XTONE by Porcelanosa is the most complete solution for architects and interior designers. They are tailor-made surfaces that are produced with the highest quality and performance, leaving no limits to the creativity of your kitchen or bathroom design. XTONE surfaces are made up of sintered mineral compact, obtained from the purest natural minerals, complete with the most advanced technical development and avant-garde design.

Here at Cawdor Stone, we love working with these sintered surfaces by XTONE and look forward to fabricating and installing them into your next project.


What is XTONE?

XTONE is a company that specialises in large-format surfaces through two product lines: sintered stone and natural stone. There is a wide range of finishes and thicknesses, which allows the material to adapt to any environment and application. Each product perfectly resembles marble, stone, wood, cement or metal.

Porcelanosa is the leading company in the ceramic wall and floor tile sector. With an excellent worldwide reputation, it specialises in the production of porous single-fired wall and floor tiles, stoneware tiles and of course porcelain tiles in a wide range of formats and finishes.

XTONE’s Advantages

XTONE comes with many advantages making the material stand out of its high performance and unique design, perfect for your next project. Both sintered stone and natural stone products by XTONE have the following advantages.

  1. 100% natural and recyclable – These durable surfaces are made out of materials that can be completely reused after their life cycle.
  2. Waterproof – It prevents the absorption of liquids and the accumulation of odours thanks to its low porosity.
  3. Hygienic – Low emission of volatile organic compounds, allowing direct contact with foodstuffs.
  4. Scratch and impact resistant – High tolerance to energy from impacts and cutting tools used on the surface.
  5. Resistant to ice and frost – Stable to sudden temperature changes, it withstands extreme cold conditions.

XTONE has a large format allowing for greater continuity and visual aesthetics in spaces. The surfaces adapt to any environment and application, becoming an option of extraordinary versatility.

The thickness varies from 6, 12 and 20mm in the sintered surface.

XTONE can be applied to all types of Projects

Because of the surface’s advantages, it can be adapted to any size, use and space making it an ideal material for all types of projects and avant-garde ideas.

  • Countertops – Perfect in kitchen design thanks to their ability to adapt, you can create a high-performance and high-quality surface, combined with the most avant-garde designs.
  • Interior Flooring – There are plenty of styles and colours to choose from for interior flooring applications. You can get the most avant-garde and innovative design for your interior space.
  • Exterior Flooring – There are plenty of styles and colours to choose from for exterior flooring applications. You can get the most avant-garde and innovative designs, aimed at outdoor spaces.
  • Interior Walls – There are plenty of styles and colours to choose from for cladding applications. You can get the most avant-garde and innovative designs, oriented to interior rooms.
  • Façades – The colours are styles intended for façade applications. An unalterable, resistant and light material that makes its application façades possible.
  • Bath & Tables – XTONE expands their stone to create new design concepts. Innovative ideas become reality through the development of finished product solutions, boosting an evolution that has no limits.

XTONE Creates Amazing Spaces

XTONE is full of beauty, functionality and longevity, creating stunning spaces.

  • Kitchen – Thanks to XTONE’s properties, this sintered stone becomes an ideal material for application in kitchen spaces. These include resistance to extreme temperatures, and being a hygienic and antibacterial material.
  • Bathroom – Thanks to XTONE’s properties, this sintered stone becomes an ideal material for application in bathrooms. These include low porosity and minimal water absorption.
  • Living – Aesthetic and functional solutions that turn living spaces into intimate and welcoming areas.
  • Contract – Contract projects entail greater demands in terms of material selection since they must be attractive as well as resistant. XTONE surfaces are the ideal option for this type of project thanks to the excellent and high performance they present.

XTONE’s Finishes

  • Nature – Completely matte finish with a natural effect. It is characterised by being soft to the touch.
  • Polished – Glossy and smooth finish that allows the surface to reflect everything that is put in front of it. As if it were a mirror.
  • Silk – A matte finish with a soft layer that provides a subtle touch of shine. Variant that arises from the fusion between polished and natural finishes.
  • Texture – Rouch, textured and embossed finish, characterised by its non-slip factor. Creates a rough and irregular touch effect.

XTONE Colour Collection

With a wide range of colours and styles, we have put together a collection of our favourites below.

Aria White

The beauty of the Statuario Venato marble is materialized in a luminous canvas that highlights the greyish shades of a dramatic veining. The suggestive character of Aria White brings together the tradition of classical marble in a perennial design. The most whimsical splendour.

Ars Beige

The beauty of semi-precious stones is enhanced by a unique design. The elegant and fine interwoven veining is layered on the different ivory shades, generating a slight movement of great graphic depth. A touch of warmth and harmony in any kind of atmosphere.

Blue Roma

With a captivating design and charged with visual strength, Blue Roma intertwines sumptuous coppery veins on its distinctive greyish-blue canvas. The collection fills rooms with a natural aesthetic with a distinguished character, enhancing blue quartzite as a true masterpiece.


Considered one of the marbles with the richest history, Calatorao brings the beauty of its originating quarries into a timeless design. Fine golden strokes trace an organic pattern on a darkened brown background. An aesthetic that breaks with architectural standards.

Fiori di Bosco

The distinguished Italian grey marble transformed into a design that mixes stability and firmness through its pronounced greige veins. The diversity of fossil details and stone shades gives great depth and character to this exquisite surface that incites to be touched.

Marquina Black

Marquina Black represents ultimate elegance with a design that resembles the darkness of night entwined with fine white veins that illuminate the surface. A design capable of combining both simplicity and sophistication.

Oxide Grey

The shades of oxidised steel are transferred to the large format ceramics, evoking elegant and sober spaces of a great industrial nature. The warmth of the brown shade and the intensity of the grey colour are enhanced by the variety of shiny scales concentrated on its surface.

Taj Mahal

Finesse, elegance and luminosity. Taj Mahal interprets the fine natural quartzite in a design with classic-renewed aesthetics. The succession of fluid beige layers and the slight movement of its gold and taupe veins summarise the beauty of a material that enhances spaces.


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