Why is a Warming Drawer the Ideal Addition to a Kitchen5 min read

In the home today, warming drawers have become a fashionable and functional statement making it the perfect accessory to a dinner party. They come with many advantages, being an independent appliance that keeps food warm, warms up plates and can even slow cook a delicious stew. The warming drawer is definitely on the must-have kitchen wish list, and we think it will be staying there for quite some time.

There are many advantages to a warming drawer…

  • They are perfect for when a family member arrives home late and you want to keep their dinner warm
  • A budding chef who loves to cook and host a dinner party
  • Ideal for keen bakers – allows homemade bread to rise in a controlled environment
  • A great solution for defrosting – in case you forget to get the meat out of the freezer the night before

As the weather has changed and we are nearing towards winter, a warm hearty casserole sounds like the best food for these cold winter nights on a piping-hot plate!

Warming drawers are normally purchased to match with a wall oven and complete a bank of appliances. They can also be coordinated to the other kitchen appliances to keep a streamlined, multi-functional kitchen.

Lots of people choose to display their appliances side by side, for example, a microwave or built-in coffee machine positioned next to a single oven. Appliances arranged in this manner look fabulous and are easily accessible, though you may find that the single oven will take up more space than the other two appliances and could make the display of appliances unbalanced.

Our client below chose a warming drawer to complete their bank of appliances in their spacious kitchen. We supplied, fabricated and installed the popular and beautiful Carrara Marble Quartz to the different sections of this kitchen.

A warming drawer can keep table wear at the precise temperature you want allowing you to serve hot food on a warm plate. When serving food on a warm plate it will stay hotter for longer and makes every bite taste just as good as it left the oven. This is very useful when serving a large number of guests.

Mugs and glasses can be placed in a warming drawer and heated to the right temperature to help keep hot drinks warmer for longer once served. You can certainly enjoy your coffee a bit more!

Food can also be kept at a constant temperature for a set amount of time. Food stored in a warming drawer will retain its flavour and temperature until ready to serve. For safe heating, food can be stored at precise temperatures of 60°C or warmer. This temperature is important as it stops bacteria developing.

Perfect for busy families, knowing that you can cook one meal for all the family and store it in the warming drawer for family members that come in at different times.

Smeg CR329X Integrated Warming Drawer, Stainless Steel

This stylish warming drawer from Smeg keeps food deliciously warm, heats plates to the optimum serving temperature, proves dough and gently defrosts food. It has a 29cm height and the temperature can range up to 80° C. It is suitable for fitting directly beneath standard, compact and microwave ovens or coffee machines in a column. It is available to purchase from John Lewis at a price of £519.00.

Neff N17HH11N0B Warming Drawer, Stainless Steel

A sleek warming drawer that’s ideal for warming plates of food. It is an essential item for any kitchen. They are designed to seamlessly fit in with the rest of your appliances, with this integrated model adding a touch of class and timeless convenience. It can accommodate up to 12 plates, 64 espresso cups and boasts a temperature control in 4 levels ranging from 30°C – 80°C. Easy to clean and complimented with an ergonomic bar handle and telescopic pull-out drawer. It is available to purchase from John Lewis at a price of £404.00.

Siemens BI630DNS1B Warming Drawer, Stainless Steel

This black gloss warming drawer is designed to make the cooking process a little easier and is perfect for preheating crockery and keeping food warm until you need it. This handleless model is easy to open thanks to the ergonomic push/pull function and can be installed separately or in combination with a traditional oven. It has a large capacity allowing room for a whopping 40 plates or 192 espresso cups. It also features 5 functions for dough proving, thawing of delicate foods, keeping drinks and food warm and pre-warming of crockery, with an easy to clean ceramic glass base. It is available to purchase from John Lewis at a price of £456.00.

Bosch BIC630NS1B Warming Drawer, Brushed Steel

The Bosch BIC630NS1B warming drawer is ideal for keeping food warm before serving, but also offers defrosting and dough proving functions. Before you dish your food out, you can warm up your cookware and utensils. An easy wipe-clean surface is provided with a telescopic drawer that pulls all the way out so you can easily reach all of the items inside. The drawer has a capacity of 20 litres and can hold up to 25kg. This is equivalent to up to 12 plates or 64 espresso cups. It is available to purchase from John Lewis at a price of £429.00.

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