You may want to Avoid these Décor Mistakes4 min read

When we design a kitchen we sometimes often make décor mistakes and don’t realise. We need to learn from our mistakes and if we don’t we normally repeat them without knowing. There are many decorating mistakes that are easy to make, so in this blog, we will talk about some of the known ones and how we can avoid them.

Too many cabinets

With too many cabinets that are open can show off too much of your clutter and your hoard of kitchen appliances. Cupboards with doors are a great alternative as they can hide lots of the kitchen essentials away and create a minimalist style in your hub of the home.

Not planning in enough sockets

A kitchen is full of gadgets so we need to make sure that there are enough sockets around the space to plug them in. Plan them correctly so you won’t have to unplug the mixer for the toaster. A socket that pops out of your worktops is a brilliant idea.

Stainless steel

You don’t want to overdo the kitchen space with stainless steel. It can make the room look quite intimidating and especially if the kitchen is small. Too much of the shine from the metallic will diminish the character and warmth of the kitchen. Opting for a quartz worktop, tiles, wood, and glass will break up the shine and add depth. The Compac Plomo was added to this kitchen to break up the stainless steel elements and contrast against the white glossy cabinets.

Not enough lighting

To make your hub of the home the best it can be, you need the best possible lighting. Task lighting is key when performing tasks, layered lighting lights up every surface and accent lighting is great for when entertaining and lighting up a feature. The perfect layered lighting has been added to this kitchen in Harpenden. We added a White Carrara quartz to add to the aesthetics and traditional vibes.

Don’t choose knobs and handles that are awkward

Knobs and handles that are inconvenient can make it harder to open cupboards doors and drawers. Gasping the handles easy is key to a fully-functioning kitchen that can be used by everyone. You are going to opening them up all the time after all. Our client below chose large rectangular bars for their handles in their hub of the home. The quartz we supplied and fitted is Savannah Quartz by CRL.

Try not to colour clash

The kitchen design should not contain colours that clash, it will make the room feel cramped and untidy. Choose the best colours to tie in with your décor. You could create mood boards and colour boards to see what colours go with what.

Hide away the dustbin

In kitchens today the modern design is to hide the dustbin from view. You can make it become invisible by hiding it behind a closed cabinet or door or even adding it to the laundry room. Nobody wants to see your rubbish and is there really any waste bins that will match your décor?

Making the kitchen not functional

The kitchen needs to be cosy and as multi-functional as it can be. Get your kitchen prepared for social events, add comfy cushions to your bar stools or chairs.

Wrong sized furniture

When purchasing furniture for the home it is quite often we choose a piece that we love but it doesn’t fit. Make sure to measure correctly and you will have a piece of furniture that you will love for many years. A handy kitchen table/ mini mobile island was created by our client to add to their kitchen space. We had some spare material from the main kitchen – the Technistone Taurus Black quartz which looks sleek and masoned perfectly to fit the wooden chopping block.


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