7 Kitchen Designs using Dark Style Worktops from Caesarstone3 min read

Are you aiming to infuse a touch of drama into your design? Opting for a black countertop makes a bold statement in any kitchen design. Whether it’s marble, granite, slate or any deeply black surface, embrace the art of darkness when envisioning your upcoming kitchen renovation.

Below we have put together seven different styles featuring Caesarstone’s dark surfaces. Take a look below and see which one you like best.

1. Glamour Inspired by the Art Deco era

The opulence exuded by this lavish quartz surface, 5101 Empira Black, flawlessly presents a vintage-inspired aesthetic. Opting for a dark surface serves as an optimal base to highlight contrasting elements, including gold embellishments, delicate pastel velvets, and ivory wood panelling.

2. Natural Elements

The rugged and weathered character of 5810 Black Tempal brings a robust and earthy essence, seamlessly blending the outdoors with the interior. By integrating this surface with light and softer surroundings, a cohesive harmony is achieved, creating an open and airy space, evoking feelings of being on a slate-adorned mountaintop.


3. Scandinavian

Inspired by the natural beauty of travertine, 5810 Black Tempal effortlessly harmonises with wooden cabinetry to create an authentic Scandinavian-inspired design. The surface blends seamlessly with white walls and grey stone flooring, and to finalise the look, add an abundance of greenery and rustic stoneware crockery that are characteristic elements of the Scandinavian style.

4. Timeless Design

Embrace the timeless elegance of Classic Georgian design by incorporating a refined black marble worktop. 5101 Empira Black is an ideal choice, featuring delicate white veining that is the perfect example of understated luxury. Add a Belfast sink with a neutral-coloured cabinet and wooden accessories throughout the space to achieve the complete look.

5. Industrial

In an industrial kitchen, the metallic accents within this dark surface introduce a multi-dimensional aspect. Inspired by the raw elements found in mills and factories, 4735 Oxidian seamlessly blends with concrete, exposed brick and metals. Bringing together such a diverse array of materials creates a contemporary and sophisticated ambience, with the metallic details contributing to an effortless sense of opulence.

6. Urban Elegance

The sleek and sophisticated 3100 Jet Black worktop has intense colouring. Introduce contrast by pairing the dark surface with light elements to craft a metropolitan-style scheme, infusing a sense of drama while maintaining a chic and seamlessly trendy aesthetic. Incorporating touches of oak in the cabinetry and flooring adds a blend of warmth and softness, balancing the minimalism inherent in modern design.

7. Minimalist

In a kitchen with a minimalist theme, you’ll consistently find elements of pristine simplicity and smooth contours, often with white as the predominant colour. Choosing a dark grey worktop, such as 4120 Raven, can enhance this simplicity, introducing depth and contrast to the overall design effortlessly. The polished finish complements glossy cabinetry and stainless steel appliances, especially when used on a statement island to merge the style.

Other dark surfaces in Caesarstone’s collection include:

6338 Woodlands

5100 Vanilla Noir

5820 Darcrest

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